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Happy New Year TPR! What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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Hey everyone!


2011 is finally here! Tell us what you're looking forward to the most this year, your theme park and roller coaster plans, or any other random stuff you're planning for this new year!


Here's mine:


- First time visiting Australia!

- Cheetah Hunt!

- Going back to Japan!

- Yakatori Bars!

- Allure of the Seas!

- Freedom of the Seas!

- Producing new DVDs, Videos, Events, Trip Stuff, and lots more for all of our TPR and Club TPR members to enjoy!


Post your 2011 stuff now!



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I'm looking forward to March!!!!


- First week of the Month I will be in Orlando, 2-1/2 days of business 5-1/2 days of fun!

- Last two weeks of the month will be New Zealand and TPR Australia!


I haven't planned past that yet!

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Happy New year everybody!


In terms of amusement parks I am looking forward to going to Knoebel's for the first time and going to KD to ride I305 more(although both are unlikely to happen).


For my personal life all I plan to do is cut back on food and exercise more and lose weight.

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The New Texas Giant.


Haven't really planned out my trips for this year yet beyond CoasterCon at SFOT, but I imagine my season pass will be well-worn by the time that event gets here.


I'm guessing that the expense of gas and lodging to SFOT all year might curtail any big trips, but I'm seriously thinking of Australia/ NZ around Christmas.

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What am I looking forward to?


-Going to Glasgow next weekend to meet up with some friends who I haven't seen since last year.

-Opening weekend at Knoebels

-First Ever TPR trip (NE Trip )

-Possibly a trip to Disney in October


And anything else life throws my way.

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Happy New Year everybody! 2010 was one heck of a year, but I'm sure 2011 will be even better! In 2011, I'm looking forward to:


-Moving to Naples, Italy

-Visiting my grandparents in Virginia and a few Florida parks (and the Daytona 500) in February

-Possibly visiting Washington, D.C.

-Going to a couple good Italian theme parks (especially Gardaland and Mirabalandia)

-Making new friends

-A TPR event, although I'm not sure which one(s)


I have a lot I look forward to, and there's probably a few suprises in store for me and my family, so I definitely have high hopes for 2011!

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Here's mine:


- Going to Gardaland at opening day to get my season pass and hopefully ride Raptor.

- Going to Rome for Rainbow Magicland!

- My first WYD in Spain with some Port Aventura add ons!

- Hopefully another coaster trip around June but it will depends on the money I'll have!

- EAS in London!

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-Getting married

-Figuring out what our honeymoon is going to be now that she can't get off the two weeks for our planned European cruise

-Visiting Camden Park to get one of the few Bill Tracy dark ride credits I don't already have

-Stopping by a couple hot dog places I've wanted to try while in West Virginia for said park

-Rescheduling an Idlewild/Lakemont/DelGrosso's trip that got canceled last year when my fiancee lost her job

-Going back to the Philly Non-Sports Card Show after a year-long hiatus

-Barbecue judging season

-Beach season

-Seeing my idea of a "Christian rock Woodstock" come to fruition

-Planning my Treat Street safe Halloween event for a record 1,200 people

-Hopefully seeing Mike Moody next December

-Inaugurating the Delmarva Holiday Olympics

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TPR North East Trip

TPR Road to Cedar Point Trip


Possible (Have been discussed)

SoCal trip (SFMM, Knott's, Belmont, possible bonus credit whoring)


Elitch Gardens

Lakeside Amusement Park


Wishlist (I will evaluate the practicality of these and will remain hopeful that they prove possible)

WCB + bonus SoCal parks


Unofficial add-on(s) to the TPR trips


Within those, I'm looking forward to:

--New credits and milestones

--Visiting and coastering in new states and a new province

--Finally upping my the overall quality of my steel list, and also riding some prolific woodies

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1.Cheetah Hunt @ Busch Gardens Tampa-Heading down to florida in the summer

2.Windseeker @ Canada's Wonderland-Home park + 301 foot Tower Ride =

3.First visit ever to Cedar Point & The Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ Universal!

4.Going to Coachella Music Festival in 2011 (to hopefully see Daft Punk...if they show up)

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I'm going to the east coast (sort of) for the first time. If you consider Florida the east coast.


The parks I'm headed to there are USF, IOA, BGT, and SWO.


The rides I can't wait for there:


Chetah Hunt




Dueling Dragons


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit


Revenge Of The Mummy




Journey To Atlantis


Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman



I can't wait for this summer!

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Making my first visit to Australia (always wanted to go there), experiencing Cheetah Hunt at BGT, and taking a cruise in October.


I say every year that I'm finally going to make the pilgrimmage to Cedar Point, but something random usually happens that forces me to change my plans (last year, it was my parents coming to visit in early June).

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Cheetah Hunt

First trip to Dollywood

Possible trip to Europe (PortAventura?)

Possible trips to SFSTL, SFOG and a longshot at Carowinds. (SFSTL and Carowinds would be firsts)

Going back to SFGADV for the 4th consecutive year


Well most of my theme park plans for the year are not finalized still.


Non theme park things

Philadelphia Eagles Playoffs!!!!

Orlando Magic new roster shakeup (Have no idea what will happen!)

Possible cruise on Freedom of the Seas during Thanksgiving week.

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I'm at a crossroads. I have wanted to hit the Texas parks, SFoT, Fiesta Texas and Sea World but 2011 will make ten years since I've been to SoCal and I have had riding X2 at the top of my bucket list for a long time. It's a tough call as either trip will result in riding my 200th coaster.


Outside of coastering I'm basically just going to take life as it comes. No need making resolutions I know I won't keep.

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