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Rides that NEED a makeover after the 2010 season

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For my main park of Kings Dominion, here are some things I would like to see done (I heard that the Intimidator 305's first turn is being widen so the trim brakes on the first hill can be removed, so that won't be on my list).


1) Grizzly and Hurler coasters to be retracked.


2) The Rebel Yell to be repainted (White beams, red track, and blue rails so it'll look like an American coaster again. And the queing line to the Rebel Yell has some boards that needs replacements and repainting.


3) The Volcano's brake run area should be fixed up to look like you are actually inside a volcano, not some dark, dusty place that looks like it hasn't been finished being built.


4) There is no #4.


5) The Avalanche Track could use a fresh coat of paint.


On a positive note, Treasure Cave did get a makeover that I actually liked (pirate theme) and Planet Snoopy was cool (just like Joe Cool).


"One Makeover I would make: you less typing and more laying your head on me!"

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Shivering TImbers could use some new wood or Timberliners.


PTC could design and build new rolling stock. Sorry not a ride but it has to be done.


Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster need some new paint pronto.


Thunder Canyon could use rafts of all the same size or new rafts all together, well really just the bladders.


Mean Streak, does not need to burn down, but could use a RM treatment. If not, new PTC's and a new lap bar release mechanism in the station.


Mantis needs the 3rd train and a faster way of loading the trains.


Top Thrill Dragster could use some new head rests, and the return of some of the effects.


Disaster Transport needs all of its theming back or the building taken away.


Space Spiral needs a new cabin.


Corkscrew (CP) needs only 2 trains, send one of the trains to MiA and add a transfer track to Corkscrew (MiA).


Maverick could use some awnings in the queue.

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