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Greatest Amusement Industry Blunder of the Decade?

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I'd say at the "whole park" level, definitely Hard Rock Park. As for individual attractions, I think the makeovers of "Journey into Imagination" would probably take the prize, along with Superstar Limo at DCA (which was almost bad enough to be endearing).

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Geauga Lake

Cedar Fair's actions leading up to their current situation

Six Flags bankruptcy

Hard Rock/Freestyle Park(possibly biggest fail ever)

Son of Beast(rode it when it was all of 10 days old and it was horrid even then)

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Six Flags New Orleans.

Gerstlauer trains on CCI coasters.

The loss of CCI and a large chunk of their coasters.

Six Flags whoring out with advertising campaigns. I feel like train skins ruined part of the park experience.

SFI's lack of theming on certain installations, as well as their rushed installations.

Vekoma's Giant Inverted Boomerang.

Losing Astroworld, though I never visited and have no opinion on the park.

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Blunders of the Decade:



Hard Rock Park


Marketing Tactics:

"Xtreme" Branding Across the Industry (But mostly Six Flags)

"Panamaxing" Parks with Coasters (Get as many as will fit, everything else can suffer)



Giant Inverted Boomerang / 4th Dimension Coaster


Specific Coasters: (Note all of these are at ex-Paramount Parks)

Son of Beast

Stealth (Great America)

Hypersonic XLC

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