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Photo TR: Christmas around the World (sort of)


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I made a quick trip down to Orlando to surprise my Mom for Christmas this year. We didn't have any plans to visit the parks, just a great Christmas day family lunch at the Polynesian, followed by some leisurely resort hopping. Admittedly, this report isn't quite up to my usual standards, but I thought you all might still enjoy some pics of WDW at Christmas. I know I always do! It may just have a monorail pic or two.....or thirteen.


Merry Christmas.


I see you, Tronorail. The grid is suddenly very tropical looking.




This is what a Christmas tree in the Southern Pacific would look like.....I guess.


All kidding aside, I LOVE this resort, and the fact that it has kept the same simple charm it's had since opening day.


This man's art is brilliant.




Each hotel had cookies and lemonade out for everyone. A great touch!


As we waited for our lunch reservation, I stepped outside to take a couple pics.


The volcano wasn't there in 1971, but I do like the addition of it.



This place is very important.


And this is why.


Adjacent to the Kona Cafe is this coffee bar by day, and sushi bar by afternoon/evening.


And speaking of the Kona Cafe, that's where we ate.



Unfortunately, I was sick during the trip, and my taste buds were out of whack. Therefore, it wouldn't really be fair to comment on the meal, but I will say that the entire menu looked delicious.


The dessert bar.







Yes, please.








The pianist in the lobby is such a classy touch, and wonderful to listen to.




If you've seen any of the Samantha Brown Travel Channel shows featuring the holidays at Disney, then you're familiar with this.....a lifesize gingerbread house.









Well, hello, Monorail Teal. We meet again.


The Tronorail kept teasing us.


This is my favorite steel coaster. Really.



Not much in way of Christmas decorations here. Well, besides that huge Mickey ears wreath on the windows.


As far as decorations go, this was really about all there was on the main concourse level....at least from what I noticed.




I anxious for Monorail Maroon next year.





These ears just don't look right in here.


Okay Teal, take us back to the Poly, please.


If only this went to the Wilderness Lodge.


And speaking of which, as sick as I may be in this photo, it felt great to be in my favorite resort at Christmas.


And this fireplace definitely helped out, as things started cooling off outside.



Really, this lobby has no equal in my book.


Thanks for viewing, folks. Hope you enjoyed a bit of WDW randomness on 12-25-10. Merry Christmas!

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We ate at the Kona Café Sushi Bar during our trip earlier this month, and despite not actually bothering to get any sushi, I thought it was highly enjoyable. The next plan was to resort-hop and take a look at the Christmas decorations, but Mum and I only made it as far as the Contemporary before tiring out, so it's great to see the pictures from the Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge.


We did, however, buy the Beach Club's rather smaller DIY gingerbread house to take home.

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I'm digging the sexy monorail shots.There can never be too many monorail shots.

This is a smart man.



Thanks for the compliments, folks! It definitely sucks being sick at Disney, and it's unfortunately happened to me twice during several of my recent visits, but just being there somehow helps ya grind it out with a smile on your face.



After looking back over the Contemporary pics, I find myself so conflicted. I still LOVE the place, but can't help but feel something needs to be done to bring it a bit more current. At the same time, a huge part of me really still enjoys the whole 70's vision of the "future" that remains. I mean, I know they've updated the guest rooms, and the addition of Bay Lake Tower is really nice and swank, but dropping a gift shop onto the main level and adorning it with some sleek mouse ears just doesn't really work.


I'd also hate to see the outdated mosaic wall disappear, but it's just another piece that plays into my confliction with the whole place. I think I've stayed there a handful of times, but it's literally been decades since then. In fact, my Mom asked me if I remembered our first visit, and I said, "Yes, why?" She said it cost $45 a night the first time we stayed there! You can't find a Tower room these days for under $400 a night!! As much as I'd like to see some changes made, I'm sure it would up the price to that of a transplanted kidney.....at least.


What's everyone's thoughts on the Contemporary?

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Man, seeing all these beautiful "non-park" shots hammers home, yet again, why Disney really is the bomb. To this day, I've never set foot anywhere near the Polynesian Resort. Big mistake, obviously.


Re: The Contemporary - even though the name is getting a bit awkward, I do hope they keep the main tower just as is. Preserving Walt's vision of what "modern" meant feels like a neat thing to do.

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Holy crap! I had no idea the rooms were that expensive!!!!


(Obviously, we don't spend a lot of time pricing resorts. )



Loved your report, as always. I suspect we'll be doing some resort-hopping trips in the next year, after our passes expire this month.

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I love spending a day hotel hopping.


13 pics of monorails. Apparently you counted, I thought for sure it was just pulled out of a hat, but thirteen it is. You could have easily added another dozen


RE: The Contemporary. The lobby is lacking, I think the addition of the store really detracts from the space rather than accentuate it. THe great thing about the structure is the openness of it all, adding more crap to the ground floor counters that. Perhaps they just need to update the place with richer finishes than is currently there.

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RE: The Contemporary. The lobby is lacking, I think the addition of the store really detracts from the space rather than accentuate it. THe great thing about the structure is the openness of it all, adding more crap to the ground floor counters that. Perhaps they just need to update the place with richer finishes than is currently there.

I agree with you, Jon. The "furturistic" minimalist look is destroyed with the cluttered spaces on the north side now. Like you said, I think the whole interior just needs freshening up with newer, sleeker, and "richer" finishes. Some livelier colors, better lighting, and newer flooring around the monorail station could go a long way.


^ Zach, hope you're starting to pull through that whole tonsils ordeal.


Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

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