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The "Rant" Thread


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Get a load of this:

My high-school band director told me the reason I sound like a 4th grader on the clairinet is not because I am bad at it, it is because my teachers AND TWO private instructors never taught me the correct way to play the insturment.

That's nearly worse than being bad at it.

Let's see...

4th-5th grade Director: Dedicated director replaced by one who didn't care. Original never got to hear the band.

6-8th-Put me in the lesser class, where I was the best, and never bothered to help me improve. Director was sick most of 8th Grade, moved me into higher class in May, which was only 2 people.

9th- Dedicated director actually NOTICES my sound is off. Then proceeds to force-feed me the correct way to play. About damn time!

Private Lessons: Two different teachers during middle school. One was an actual private instructor, who didn't do much except get me off a "bad habbit" with my fingers which had NOTHING to do with my sound.

The 2nd was at a music store. She was better, taught me scales, at least. Helped later on.


The other middle school had band as a class every other day, so they had an advantage. We had it about ~2 times a week, not as a class and only for about 30 minutes or an hour after school. If the teacher was sick, then we didn't have band (since we only had one director).

We also just worked from this music book series, and all we ever seemed to care about was that and band music.

This. Sucks.

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rant on/


My biggest pet-peeve,annoyance,ecad.- it seems (unless i'm booked in 1st class,) on an airplane since i like to have a window, and i ALWAYS get booked in front of a little kid who kicks my seat, i resolve this by 1. nicely asking the kid to stop, 2. try again, 3. if this dosent work i yell at the kid and/or parents, twice i've had to call flight attendants because the parents didn't do anything, bringing me to one quick thing, parents that don't watch their kids!!!11


end rant/

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(rob do not ban me for the following post)



I'm gonig to fucking kill this computer!


This morining it died and i'm thinking holy shit! then my dad kept asking me if I DLed anything yesterday (which I didn't) I kept telling him no and he kept asking me over, and over, and over! so I went to Justines house for the day, I get home it works, but! my MSN is screwed up becuase it won't update, I-tunes downgraded itself! and NL was un-registered! how does that happen! HOW! UGH!

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OMFG. EA is a terrible company.

My brother got Sim City 4...and we started to install it when it said "type in the product key" and we looked all over the box and CD case for the key, but there was none! We even looked on the shrink wrap it came in. Still nothing. At least Microsoft bothers to place it right above the CD with a bright yellow sticker.


Nice going, EA! My mom's calling tech support to find out where the hell the key is. I'm half expecting them to say "ummm...buy a new copy..."

Yeah. EA is doing a terrible job this year.

(If anyone even mentions "Army of Two looks good..." then I say this:EA slaps their name on games, and EA messes up the game late in the process...they have a monopoly on the sports games, for god's sake!)

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One pet peeve I have is in San Francisco. I just went today with my family. Good thing we only live half an hour away.


Talk about your poorly designed road system! That city is what I call "the city with no left turns." I call it that because tons of the intersections in San Francisco have signs that say "No left turn" on it. Because of this, it's EXTREMELY easy to get lost. It bugs me so much.


I'm not bashing on San Francisco. I love the city, and it brings back sentimental memories for me. It just bugs me that left turns are virtually nonexistant, and because the city is so big, it can't be fixed.

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I cant stand to see Bush on TV, or even hear his voice. He is so pathetic. What a complete a$$hole. Send more troops to die. Idiot.


Snot nosed teenagers who think they know everything.


I hate snot nose teenagers too. I especially hate know-it-all twentysomethings that DON'T know what they are talking about.


BTW...I'm 38.

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