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The "Rant" Thread


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Driving from Altanta to Baltimore in one day is not fun. Getting a dead battery is even less fun. And having to sit at a gas station in some small town in SC for an hour waiting for AAA is totally not fun. At least we made it home without any further problems.

WIMP! I just did the same.. its not that bad.. either that or you are just old


At least SC has CHEAP gas!!

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I have a double maths tomorrow and i have the worst teacher she will ask you to do questions that we havent went over it, then if she does go over it and u still dont understand it she tells you to re read the question or move on the next one!!!! This is basically what happens for me in maths every single day!!! and i need to get a B in that subject which is almost impossible imo or i cant go to uni to study physics!!!


IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thew so glad i got that off my chest


thanks Robb!!!

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I will never understand why people pay a stupid amount of money to go to University and then sit there and talk with their friends, chat on MSN, and watch music videos through all of their classes. What I don't understand even more is why they feel the need to disrupt others who actually want to learn things and do well so they don't fail at life. If they don't want to be there they should leave. I've had to listen to at least five 20 minute lectures on how we're grown ups now and why we shouldn't talk when the teacher is talking. Our profs also have to periodically stop during lectures and remind people to STFU. I am trying to learn, go away


Another thing, why do online stores charge so much money to ship to Canada?! Canada is not that far away from the US and it doesn't cost THAT much more to ship things here, yet most online stores insist on charging a lot more. If it costs $5 to ship a shirt across the US, it shouldn't cost $30 to ship that same shirt to Canada.

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Why do claimants blatantly lie??? "You've never called me." "I've never heard from you." "I've never heard from the insurance company."


Really??? Then who did I talk to last week? Is the address you provided incorrect? I've sent you three letters...to which you've responded. Argh.

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I hate it when people think saying things like "Your Mom! OHHH!!!" and such thinks it makes them cool. Soooo verrry sad and pathetic...moreso than TPR sad and pathetic. I mean "Go bang your head against a wall." sad and pathetic. [/quote


How much do I agree with that wonderful statement? It's about time someone agreed with me!


I also dislike how people use the word "gay" as and insult. It is just the saddest thing.

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