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The "Rant" Thread


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For whatever reason, all of a sudden everyone's writing dates like:


August 27th. September 3rd. July 22nd. May 1st.


You don't need the "th," "nd," "st," or "rd." It looks, well, stupid.


Don't start me on apostrophes in plurals, putting the $ sign after the dollar amount or saying that something costs .99¢ (do I get change back from my penny?), lack of capital letters and punctuation, or any of the thousands of others.


What's happened to the writing skills in this country?



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Ok Its Sunday here in NZ and I didn’t get home till 11 last night (I was at a movie) and what happens at 8o'clock this morning not 1 not 2 but 3 hot air balloons take off my the school round the corner and fly over my house with there flames going every 10 seconds 1 takes off every now and then on a week day which is fine but on a week end OMFG do people not have the brains to know people like to sleep-in on the weekends


Zane "lousy hot air balloons" Williams

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I'm annoyed by people who say "you know" in their conversations. I had a co-worker who talked to people on the phone like that. He said to the client on the phone, "The ad, you know, needs to be, you know, a certain size, you know, before we can, you know, put it into page 12, you know, and then, you know, we will send, you know, a bill to, you know, your address, you know..." I wanted to slap him!

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My rant has to do with family members that are so drugged up on pills they don't know what they are talking about.


My step sister for instance. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and he was trying to be nice and invited us to go to lunch and also invited his daughter. Well, she is so messed up. She is taking 5 psychiatric pills. 5! She comes in totally higher than a kite.


We proceed through lunch, she made a complete ass of herself and pissed everyone off. My mom even said today that Amanda, who is 9 remember, was giving her mean looks. It was supposed to be a fun day to celebrate my dad's birthday.


When we left she tried to be all weepy and crap and I told her she had better not contact me until she gets help. I told her she was so messed up she would not remember any of what happened. She has a 14 year old daughter that starts high school tomorrow and who knows if she will be sober enough to take her to school.


Now, you would think that my family would see what happens to people that do drugs. A year ago my brother was found dead outside his home from a drug overdose. Wouldn't you think after losing your brother you would see how bad drugs are? I just don't get it. I really hope my niece sees all this and remembers all this when the day comes that she is offered drugs.


Kristi "that whole side of the family is so screwed up" C.

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I'm annoyed at my housemates. Actually my housemates are a source of constant annoyance, but last weekend trumped anything else.


We had 2 friends over, Erin and Tori. Great, great people. Really nice. Well one of my housemates, Shannon, planned on grilling burgers for all 4 of us. 4 people, 2 burgers each. Sounds like a plan. Shannon starts grilling, Tori and Erin get out of the pool for little bit, and I decide to stay in to load up some internet radio on the poolside computer. Many minutes pass and I notice Shannon had finished grilling. No problem, we all will be eating together..she's probably just dividing things up.


Shortly after, Tori comes out, sits down and starts eating. then Erin. then Shannon. as they begin eating Shannon looks at me (I'm still in the pool) and says, "There was a slight accident. Erin accidentally dropped your burgers on the ground and the dogs ate them."


So instead of 4 people with 2 burgers each, there is now 3 people with 2 burgers each and 1 person with nothing. how lovely.


BUT...there's more!


I'm on the pool computer typing the burger incident up in my LiveJournal and there is an awning slightly obscuring the view from the patio table to the pool computer. Shannon, Erin and Tori had gone inside to clean their dishes up and were walking back outside talking. I hear Tori mentioning how she and Erin really like Joe (the 2nd housemate). Shannon replies, "yeah. you know, you and Erin are the first two transsexual friends that Joe really likes." Now my ears perk up. Um...wait...what about me? I hear one of the girls ask about me. I hear Shannon reply, "well to tell you the truth, and I'm a little drunk when I say this, Joe doesn't like Allie. oh s--t, and she's right over there as I said that."


I didn't let on that I heard the entire conversation. Erin and Tori came over about 15 minutes later to say our goodbyes and I wished them a safe ride home. I waited a few minutes after they left, cleaned up, and just stayed in my room the rest of the night. I've pretty much avoided both of them ever since. I'm moving out in early November.


Almost a week later Shannon had some leftover lunch meat she wasn't going to eat so she offered it to me. I accepted, and then when she was getting ready for work I fed it to the dogs.

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Ok, I have a series of rants to vent.

Rant 1: Today was a busy day at Wal Mart with last-minute back 2 school shoppers and we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Seats were all filled except one group getting up so I grabbed it. Some random little kid comes down after 5 minutes of us sitting down saving our spot thinking he's going to take it. The mother came by as well thinking the same. We didn't budge. It just amazes me how people are determined to take someone's spot and then get all ticked off when they realize they didn't get there fast enough...first come, first serve...


Rant 2: Still in Wal Mart, I'm trying to head to the video games and then some people take their sweet time taking up the whole main aisle walking at a snails pace almost making complete stops to look at random things. Atleast have the courtesy if you're going to walk slow, leave space for others to get around who tend to walk at a normal speed.


Rant 3: Last Wal Mart rant. I'm busting to use the restroom as this guy ahead of me goes to push on the door, but on the wrong side, doing that for like 10 seconds...common sense: Push where the silver plate is at, not where the hinges are, and the door will open.


Rant 4: It was just simply too hot today


Last Rant!: I stop by to pick up some pizza, in a hurry to get somewhere as the person ahead of me is paying for her pizza, counting out every single penny she had to give exact change.


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Now I gotta that out of my system, let me share my rant.


I had a customer come up to me and he didn't look too happy. He said that the Eight O'Clock pre-packaged coffee we had on sale was priced at $4.19. But it was ringing up for $4.59. So I was going to give the coffee to him for free since it's covered under our price accuracy. But NOOOOO, THAT WASN'T ENOUGH. He said, "I took pictures of the price and what I was charged and I am going to file a claim to the consumer protection. This is uncalled for and Granby doesn't deserve this." OMG, I'm pretty sure the entire town of Granby isn't against our store and this guy was a complete ass. I really wanted to say, "You know what sir, you are the type of person WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO SO YOU GO AHEAD AND FIND SMALL PROBLEMS AND BLOW THEM UP JUST SO YOU CAN FEEL LIKE YOU ARE ON TOP OF THE WORLD AND THE SUPERMARKETS ARE AT YOUR KNEES"



Craiggers "ok, I'm done" K.

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Before I rant, here's a note:

This is the FIRST animated/visual rant ever! (sorry, I just had to add excitement..)

Anyway, this happened this morning on my way to college...and thank you Google Earth for providing me a sattelite image of the area exactly where it happened To sum things up, people in CA don't know what solid white lines mean, nor do they know their way around so they whip out the California Last Minute Lane Change In Front of Someone! maneuver.


F***in' Idiots...learn how to drive!!!

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