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[RCT2] Cheseman's Amusement Park & FF

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So to kick off this topic, here's my project: Cheseman's AP&Fright Farm, an amusement park located in southwestern PA.


I havent finished much, its about 35% done, a 150x150 park. Here's the GCI coaster 'Maverick,' located near the back of the park.





All screens are unfinished (those bare grass areas will be forested), please enjoy and comment!

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Not sure if you need the fence for the trees in that turn considering the ride itself is already enclosed.


Love the layout though. It's fantastic!


Foliage is beautiful as well.


Agreed with everything you said, but I noticed two trains on the lift hill in the first picture...I suggest using block sections!

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DJ-Thanks a lot for the comment. I think i will remove that fencing there, glad you enjoy the coaster so far.


Braz-Thanks to you too. The screens are from testing so I havent put block sections in yet. I just wanted to get good results before putting in the finishing touches, block brakes will be added. Thanks..



Keep em coming boys!

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I actually don't think you need trees in the surrounding areas of the coaster, it's the south-west and from what my view is ( I could be totally wrong ) many parks down there don't have heavy forestation if any at all.


I really like the way it looks now, without forestation, but it's your call.


Absolutely incredible work though!

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Gaga-Actually the park is in southwestern Pennsylvania, just this ride is themed a bit to the Wild West. So that being said, with the location, I think I will continue will foresting the surroundings. Glad you like it though, thanks for the comment!


Paradise-Thanks for the comment. I'm not really sold on my station either, so I think we may very well see a change in that aspect. Thanks.


As for the rest of you at TPR, keep the comments coming! I'd love to hear what you all think of this so far!

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thats really interesting but at times the cornstalk is too much or too little around what i believe to be the path people navigate through. Also, i wouldnt show any chain fence so maybe cover it with some cornstalk but overall a very interesting idea. Good job

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New for Cheseman's in 1997! Timber Rush, a thrilling woodie made by the internationally accliamed Custom Coasters. Take a ride on this beast as it thunders through the woodlands of PA. Timber Rush, only at Cheseman's Amusement Park and Fright Farm!





Havent done much work on this lately due to contests and such, but heres an update. Enjoy!

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Very cool, the ride will look great once the surrounding land is forested. The only thing I would have to say is a personal preference. I wouldn't have the return track cross under the lift hill and back for that one turn. I would either make more turns on the other side of the lift or add more to that turn. Other then that, great work.

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