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Robb & Elissa go to Park City, Utah!

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Log rides/Fumes


Haven't quite a few parks removed theirs? Carolwinds and Six Flags over Georgia did unless I misread a few reports.


I'd like to know where you heard SFoG was removing their log flume. It certainly was still there at the tail end of last year...


The thread is about Park City, Utah, not Six Flags Over Georgia. Please stay on topic.



Looks like I need to kick my nephew in the butt then as I asked him last Summer and he said they got rid of it, then again this is the same dummy that rolled his eyes when I asked him if he rode the old okeefenokee ride.


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Did you guys get a chance to see/drive by Raging Waters in Salt Lake while you were there? Not many people know about a hidden gem there unless you are from the area...the H2O Rollercoaster. It is unreal! If you know how to ride it right you get MASSIVE air! The waterslide is huge and in all my travels around the country I have never seen another one like it.

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Looks like you guys are having a great time! Wish I was there.


And that water park looks great, nice work Shane!


Why don't they have any cool stuff in MD????


Ever heard of this place?




ski, snowboard, snow tube, alpine coaster, hotels, cabins, big lake, a brew pub....same deal, probably not nearly as good as this place but its still in MD.



I'll be honest this looks like one of the coolest things I've ever seen TPR do. I would love to go skiing in the west some time.

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I freakin' love Alpine coasters! no, seriously, I love them. This one seems so good!

Maybe because I live not so far from Andorra, and there's another one, a long one... a very long one.


Check "Naturlandia" for further information

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I'd like to see an alpine coaster you can't really control, they could use magnetic braking. Instead of a traditional lift hill, you could be LIM launched uphill to start... Never will happen because of money, but doesn't mean it wouldn't be cool.


On topic, I've never been west except a trip to Disneyland and a separate trip to SFMM, both times going right from the airport to the park and back again. Would love to hit up so of the square states soon! The mountains look incredible!

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I am really enjoying all the great content posted throughout TPR!


... and just keep perusing the paths.


The Park City trip looked great... the photo-blogging awesome...


Cowabunga Bay report (page 6) way cool...


the resort photos/videos with Alpine/mountain coaster (page 7) sublime!


So awesome to find winter sports (snow mobiles, too!), waterparks, AND coaster-ish things in a sweet mash-up!


Thanks for sharing that from last winter.

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Since this subject has been brought up again, are there any alpine coasters in California? I have yet to ride an alpine coaster and have been to several Lake Tahoe ski resorts and haven't seen a alpine coaster.


I've been to Andorra as a previous poster mentioned as a three night/four day side trip from Barcelona in July 2009 and we almost went to Naturlandia but didn't have the time for it and it was isolated from the main city in Andorra where we were staying. We did take a bus to Paz de la Casa on the Andorra/France border (it is so beautiful there!) and rode up several gondolas/ski lifts up several different peaks in the country and we also went to Caldea which is the largest spa/hot springs in Southern Europe and is a must visit to anyone visiting Andorra. I would definitely come back to Andorra as it is such a beautiful little country that a lot of people don't know about and is only a 3 hour bus ride from Barcelona.

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Attached is a link to our Mountain/Alpine Coaster thread and a post I made about existing installations in North America. As of March 2011, there were no planned installations in California, but I haven't researched the topic further since that time.




For those interested I have compiled a comprehensive list of Alpine/Mountain coasters in North America. I have included the opening year, approximate length of each coaster and the one time rider cost:


Wiegand Installations



Labadee (Royal Caribbean) - opened 2009 - 2,230 feet - price ?



Kingstn, Jamaica Mystic Mountain - opened 2008 - 2,495 feet - price ?



Mont Saint Saveur, Quebec - opened 2009 - 3,540 feet - $10

Blue Mountain, Ontario "Ridge Runner" - opening Winter 2011 - 3,650 feet - price ?



Glenwood Springs, Colorado - opened 2005 - 3,200 feet - $9

Park City, Utah - opened 2006 - 3,980 feet - $20

Jiminy Peak, Hancock, Massachusetts - opened 2006 - 2,590 feet - $9

WISP, Maryland - opened 2007 - 3,000 feet - $10

Spirit Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota - opened 2010 - 3,200 feet - $8

Breckenridge, Colorado "Gold Runner" - opened 2010 - 2,345 feet - $15

Okemo, Vermont "Timber Ripper" - opened 2010 - 3,085 feet - $13

Mount Cranmore, North Conway, New Hampshire - opened 2010 - 2,395 feet - $9

Greek Peak Mountain, Cortland County, New York - opened June 2011 - 4,300 feet - $10


The proposed installation at Northstar at Tahoe, Nevada has been put on hold by the resort


Alpine Products is a new vendor that is building a version at Attitash Mountain in Bartlett, New Hampshire.

Opened December 2010 - 4,300 feet - $14


A big thanks to Larry Hays at Wiegand for his help in compiling the list.

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^Thanks for the info I've been to Northstar several times for Snowboarding and Skiing (yes, I do both) and an alpine coaster would be a nice fit to their property (they have plenty of space to fit it somewhere). They just got bought out by Vail Resorts last year (which also owns Heavenly in South Tahoe) so maybe they'll put the alpine coaster in within the next few years (and hopeful it will operate in Winter like the one in Park City). I hope Northstar continues the 2 for 1 Shell promotion that I've been relying on the last couple of years, though I know Vail is known for being stingy with promotions.


Edit: Rereading your post Northstar at Tahoe is actually 100% in CA. Heavenly in South Tahoe is both in CA and NV.

Edited by 805Andrew
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^ The one in Jamaica is actually in Ocho Rios, Jamaica about a mile away from the cruise ship terminal. I rode it back around April and don't specifically remember the coast was ridiculously expensive. You had to pay to ride the Chair lift up in a package that included either chair lift, mountain coaster, and zip line tour, or only zip line, or only coaster, etc. The full out package was $137 a person according to the website. You could also purchase an extra coaster ride after your initial ride at one ride for $10 or 3 for $20 (I think that's what it was).

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