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Robb & Elissa go to Park City, Utah!

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"They need more of these coasters running in the snow" - Robb Alveyin video


They just opened 3 more of these just this month to go along with Jiminy Peak up in the North East.



Peace, Big Mike

I know! And they need more of them!!! What do we have? Less than 10 of these that operate in the US during winter?

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The Alpine Coaster looks awesome! I wish we could get one here in Tahoe. They tried to at Northstar earlier this year, but there were a lot of 'environmental' concerns and I haven't heard anything since. One complaint was noise. Looks like you guys had a blast! Too bad it's over.

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You guys not going to go to Deer Valley???? It's great for the kids

Not as good for three year olds! Trust me, we've done all our research. Park City fit all of our requirements. They had a great kids program for Kristen's age (Park City offers a 3 to 1 ratio), it was closer to where we are staying for the week, they have the alpine coaster, its close to some of our favorite brew pubs (Wassach & Squaters), and it has the perfect type of skiing that we like - green trails and some blue. Skiing is only one of many reasons why we are here.


We are well aware of Deer Valley, we have been there before, and we choose Park City as our skiing destination. It's one of the top rated ski resorts in the country and we really like it. If you like Deer Valley, that's great... you go there!


--Robb "We are more casual skiers, not die-hards!" Alvey

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Park City definitely looks like a fun time! I love skiing and am loving your winter adventures!


Imma have to hit up Park City some time. But this year, it's Breckenridge again.

I'm going to Breck in a week for some skiing action, they opened up an alpine coaster too! I can't wait to ride it, it's going to be my first one!

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