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Robb & Elissa go to Park City, Utah!

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Because TPR isn't all just theme parks and roller coasters, we like to offer something a bit different every once in a while. This Christmas, we decided to take a 'winter trip' to Park City, Utah, which will include lots of fun in the snow, skiing, snow mobiles, and a lot more!


Keep posted to this thread and our Facebook page as I'll update it as the trip goes on. Here we go....


The view from the plane just before landing at Salt Lake City...holy crap that's awesome!


Looks like we are going to have a very white Christmas!


Translation: "We serve ACErs!"


Join us in Park City...we have a "Party in a Box!!!"


KidTums is all ready for the snow!


"I've never seen this white stuff before!"


Creating a path from the cabin to the road so we can go SLEDDING! Just like on the Matterhorn!


KidTums absolutely loved the snow!!!


Here is the view from our cabin.


The cabins are walking distance to shops, dining and everything you would need!


The cabin was PERFECT! Anyone interested in a TPR ski trip in the future at a place like this?


Look out for yellow snow!!!


"Mommy! You almost made me hit the yellow snow!"And now some videos!





Here's a view of shops next to the cabins.


And the other side....but what is the most important location here?


They have an awesome brew pub here!


Looks good so far...


Even more good stuff...


The most important part...the BEER!


First beer of the trip!


Walking back it started to snow... KidTums trying to catch snowflakes.


Starting to snow pretty good now!


Our little winter resort town in the snow!


Taking the kid out for a sled.


The resort we are staying at is near the Olympic sports park with the ski jump and bobsled.


Oh, Canada...


It may be freezing outside, but the pool is heated!


"I don't want to sit in the sauna! I want to go pizza box sledding!"


Heading back to the cabin...


Time to say goodnight... snowmobiling tomorrow!


Check my Facebook page for more updates!


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I didn't know you two were into winter activities. I'll be going to Salt Lake City in March to go skiing, but I'll be visiting the resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons as opposed to Park City. Still, it's nice to see pictures of a place I may one day visit. It sounds like there's a lot of things to do up there, and I hope you have a great time.

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This is really something I need to do sometime in the future! I love being around snow, but I just hate having to travel in it. So, put me at a resort in the middle of lots of snow, and I will be in heaven. (Oh, and the brewery nearby wouldn't hut either! )


Looking forward to the rest!

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Park City is gorgeous! You guys look like you're having a great time.


Seeing pics of Park City is getting me so excited for the Sundance festival this month. I'll have to do a PTR thread about that.

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If you're up for it, the Olympic Park bobsled run is quite the experience. It's expensive, but great to say you've been on the same ice run as the athletes. (Plus, it's quite the thrill to boot)


Now as for the 120M Olympic ski jump...that "tourist attraction" doesn't have all the kinks worked out yet...

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First, very entertaining thread! I'm a terrible skier, but the winter ski scene is beautiful.


If you're up for it, the Olympic Park bobsled run is quite the experience. It's expensive, but great to say you've been on the same ice run as the athletes. (Plus, it's quite the thrill to boot)


TOTALLY recommend this as well. Years ago, we did the lower half of the bobsled run at Lake Placid and it was insane. The Gs through the turns were beyond sick. Blows away any coaster I've ever been on.


Love seeing a little kid discovering snow for the first time. Adorable.

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Cool! You are in my neck of the woods. You picked a good time to come. Lots of snow. I recommend the bobsled experience. Fast and fun. For a big breakfast, check out the Eating Establishment in downtown Park City.

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