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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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Okay, then, I got...


Wacom Bamboo Pen + Touch tablet (with Photoshop)

Nintendo DSi XL Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition

Korg Kaossilator synthesizer pad

The Sims 3

two sets of Buckyballs magnets

Moshi Voice-Activated alarm clock

a laptop cooler thing

just under $200, in cash/gift cards/lottery tickets

glow-in-the-dark Fushigi ball (it was originally a joke, but it's actually kind of cool!)

Frisbee (with LED lights)

...and a bunch of other small stuff.


It was certainly a lovely Christmas, especially since I could share it with my family!

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Well, I knew what I was getting for Christmas, since I was told to go buy it myself during black friday.


Red Wii



Bunch of games I don't remember the name of

wii controller charger


So yeah, I'm late to the wii party, and it'll probably be 2nd fiddle to the new xbox thingy, but I don't care, it works for me and that's all that matters!

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1. Most important: A NEW LAPTOP! The world can begin anew-

2. K'NEX Cobra coaster (The one that 'duels')

3. LEGO Camper (Which took for FREAKIN EVER to find)

4. Anthony Bourdain's newest book

5. An all-show pass to the San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter event on 12 Feb 2011 (Thanks Bruce!)

6. Two new Ikea Rats

7. A 25.00 Dunkin Donuts Gift card

8. Lingonberry preserves

9. Raspberry cookies

10. A stomach ache from the dinner I made: Prime Rib, Bearnaise sauce, Brown gravy, Garlic-parmasean Mashed potatoes, Spinach, Spring mix salad with balsalmic reduction and Popovers. BURP.


Merry X-mas to all-


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I got:


*a 2 year pass to Busch Gardens Tampa

*a new Coach purse

*a nifty John Lennon print for my music room & a Life Magazine book thingy about John Lennon

*a new Eiffel Tower print for the living room

*gift cards to Kohl's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-Fil-A, Dunkin Donuts & Disney

*a Tampa Bay Rays calendar

*remastered box sets of The Cure's "Disintegration" and Duran Duran's "Notorious"

*a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver/pen (the 10th Doctor's)

*little stuff like candy/snacks


The cats got catnip, toys & some cans of wet food.

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I love my aunts and uncles. I got 2 $50 Amazon gift cards from two of my uncles, a $25 Target gift card from my aunt, and another $50 from my grandma. I must have been REALLY good this year.


At home, I got a bunch of clothes, Inception DVD, Epic Mickey, and a soccer net for my backyard. Now, I've got the rest of the break to relax. That's what I'd call a good X-Mas.


Happy New Year!!

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Here's my take:


External hard drive (mainly for photo storage)

Flash drive (for photo transfers)

"Futurama" volume 5 DVD

"Waking Sleeping Beauty" DVD

"The Boys" DVD (Sherman brothers)

Genealogy DVD

Old commercials DVD

"Why? Because We LIke You" book ("Mickey Mouse Club" history)

"The Vault of Walt" book

"The Accidental Billionaires" book (on which the movie "The Social Network" was based)

"Ambulance Girl" book


Tire pump (to replace the one my dad "borrowed" from me... permanently, apparenty)


1950s Baltimore Orioles baseball cards

World's Fair memorabilia from various years

Creminelli sausage

Hickory Farms sausage

Paula Deen ham sausage

Lots of snacks from Harry & David (including my favorite, smoked garlic mozzarella dip)

Old Bay snack mix

Various candy and cookies

Gift cards from Cracker Barrel, Denny's and Pizza Hut

Visa gift card


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This year, I got:


-Kinect for Xbox 360

-TomTom GPS to replace my Garmin GPS

-A Watch


-Money, that I'll spend on some more games for my 360


Overall, I had a good Christmas, and my family was fortunate enough to get the oven fixed before Christmas after the heating element in the oven decided to hit the road.

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For Christmas I got:



Annual pass to Universal Orlando

Cedar Fair Platinum pass

Bruery Reserve Society Membership

Gift cards to Wegmans

Lottery scratch-off ticket for $99

American Eagle gift card

2011 Roller coaster calendar

OT + PTO at work for working today (AKA, sitting around for 8 hours doing nothing)

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Lets see if I can remember it all...

My Booky Wook 2 by Russel Brand

Wake by Robert J. Sawyer

Kick Ass Blu-Ray

Despicable Me Blu-Ray

How to Train your Dragon Blu-Ray

Glee Season 1 DVD

Tons of clothes (sweaters, jeans, hoodies, boxers, t-shirts)

Lots of gift cards

2 pairs of thermal underwear (perfect for my upcoming trip to St. John's)

$400 cash for a "big gift" (I'm buying a new iPod touch)

$100 cash for a date night with my girlfriend (going to use it for upcoming trip to NYC)


And not really a gift cause they were free, but I'm going to the Canada vs Russia world Jr game in Buffalo tomorrow (actually have tickets to all three games tomorrow, but only interested in Canada)

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Hawx2 (360)

Inception (Boo to regular DVD...I HAVE A BLU-RAY PLAYER RELATIVES!!!)

$40 in iTunes gift cards

$25 Best Buy gift card (I hate the damn store though)

Clothes (Including a sweet hoodie with built in headphones)


And a shitty self-actualization book that will help prop up my collapsing bed frame...really parents, when I asked for only practical stuff, I meant socks or aftershave or maybe a new bed-frame...not a book to raise my freaking self-esteem!


So all-in-all, pretty good. Plus, I have Split Second and Saint's Row 2 waiting for me at home (Thank you me and ebay!), and $250 collective cash to use towards WCB and BAB (first time to both)!

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Loving the MacBook Pros that everyone is getting! The best thing about Windows 7 is that it made me want a Mac! Thank you Microsoft!


It was an Apple Christmas for us too. I got Elissa an iPad and her dad got an iPhone 4. I got a new battery pack/case for my iPhone 4.


Quoted for truth! I hope everyone is enjoying their new MacBooks..I know I sure am!

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Merry Christmas TPR!!!


I got one of the new iPod Nano's (16GB) that I can use for running. Other than that, a crap-load of Sports Authority gift cards (need new shoes and a Nike thing to track my runs).


The kids pretty much cleaned up. Amanda got a new laptop and some games/movies. Josh got games/movies and is going on a TPR trip next year.


I got the wife a nice watch, a couple of books, a couple of movies and some neat drink maker thing.


In addition we got some movies and games.

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NBA 2K11 for Xbox 360

NHL 11 for Xbox 360

Fable III

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie

A bunch of Blu-Rays



Still more to come from relatives when I go to my aunt's house this afternoon.


Adding on to that after a night at my aunt's house...about $150 in Best Buy gift cards, and $40 in Dicks Sporting Goods gift cards. I was the runner-up in the annual family Wii Bowling tourney of 12 people. I won my money back, but my 12 year old cousin is the one that beat me and won the pot of cash.

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I got a box from Robb Alvey. It contained the DVDs I ordered and 12 pounds of his personal park maps to scan and post in the Park Index. This is this first of multiple boxes he will be sending me. It took me 3 hours just to sort and alphabetize and figure out which one are duplicates. I'll keep everybody update on the progress.

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I secured my hold on my nerd card this year for sure. Yesterday in the mail, I received one of my Christmas Presents to myself Coaster Expedition 14 and Raw 5. Then today I got:


~Doctor Who stuff- 11 doctors figure set, 7th doctor with electronic Tardis, Evil of the Daleks book, Tardis pin, Tardis key necklace, and Dalek keychain

~The Art of Tim Burton book

~Mythbusters bobbleheads

~Disney/Pixar calendar and How I Met Your Mother wall calendar

~The Prisoner, North By Northwest, and Monsters, Inc. on Blu-Ray

~Edward Gorey books

~Nightmare Before Christmas toys

~stuffed Grinch

~Karaoke Revolution Glee

~Disney Parks DVD set

~$100 to Best Buy, $25 to Barnes & Noble, and $25 to iTunes


Also, buying for myself, a season pass to WDW and a Busch/Sea World annual pass.

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LOST Complete Series on Blu Ray

LOST Encyclopedia

Saints gloves

Saints tie

Saints bag tag

Saints golf bag (thanks to my beautiful wife)

Epic Mickey for Wii

Electric wine opener (since I tend to drink a lot)

AMC movie gift card



I think that's about it, but I'll also take a Saints win over the Falcons Monday. That would be the best present of all.


And some good quality time with my family. That always counts.

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