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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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If they can open a park in japan with snow covering it, then they can do it in America!! I hope the parks here are listening.


EDIT: As for the presents:

Xbox 360 w/halo reach, black ops, and a couple kinect games

Guinness world record book (I never have a Christmas without it)

A cool remote control helicopter/plane thing that resembles the osprey



Merry Christmas Theme Park Review

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Here are my 2011 Christmas gifts In order from least to most awesome...Well, until you hit the new camera. After that, there really isn't an order. Everything from there forward is just amazing:


- Candies

- Some boxers from H&M

- A new Oral B Electric toothbrush (Mine was getting old)

- A Microfleece and Microsherpa blanket

- A New ThrowMonkey freehand yoyo

- A super indie looking teal and black shirt

- A pair of army green rude jeans

- A Pair of blue and white acid looking rude jeans

- $200

- A new camera which looks pretty incredible

- A PS3

- Tickets to a Suburban Legends and Starpool show 5 days from now

- VIP Tickets to Iris at the Kodak Theater (Newest Cirque Du Soliel show)

- Tickets to Against Me! for their new tour

- Tickets to My Chemical Romance on their upcoming Danger Days tour

- 2011 Raging Waters Season Pass

- 2011 Magic Mountain Season Pass

- 2011 Hurricane Harbor Season Pass


Merry Christmas to all!


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This year I got:


-6 Movie Soundtracks (HP7, Narnia 3, Batman Begins, and the scores to the 3 Twilight films)

-A couple random games (IQ Challenge and Fact or Crap)

-Buckyballs magnets

-A new wallet

-$175 in Itunes credit

-$375 in cash

-Half of a plane ticket to Newark (for TPR Northeast trip)

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Lets see what I got here.


From my Girl Friend, I got the following.

A Spyder Electra paintball gun!

Aswell as a couple of day passes to her local paintball field from her father.


From my parents, I got the following.

Martha Stewart blanket

Tooth brush holder and soap holder wtf people!

The Original "a$$" kickin popcorn habanero.

Some Sriracha hot sauce.

Pomegranate seeds for food.

Italian import pomegranate soda.

Underwear..and socks. I swear I dislike this kind of gift its like an old granny gets a grand child!

Some random Marvel comic shirts.

Avatar on Blue-ray special edition.

Of course a little money for a digital camera is nice.


I am still awaiting going to my brothers house to trade gifts with him.

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Ok, let's see.....


- A Kindle

- Glee Season 1 DVD

- two Glee CD's

- necklace

- Fossil watch

- several books in the House of Knight series

- pj's

- scarf and gloves

- a new purse (Not that I needed one...I liked the one my mom picked up for my friend and mom in turn decided to get one for me too, so now we're going to be known as the Doublemint Twins).


And last night I decided to download an Avenged Sevenfold CD off of iTunes. I guess it was my Christmas present to myself. I'll be exchanging gifts later with my best friend, and tomorrow I'll be going out shopping with her and my mom. It's a tradition for the three of us to go, so I'll probably be getting a couple of more things then.

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I got the main thing I wanted which was my camera


What I got.

- Canon Rebel Xs, with a camera bag and 2GB memory card

- Whitechapel (band) T shirt

- Whitechapel Hoody

- Carnifex (band) Hoody

- iwrestledabearonce (band) Hoody

- Hide and Seek (clothing line) Hoody

- 100$ in cash

- and still more to come from other family later


I've been messing around with the camera all morning. It's so much fun.

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Awesome videos as always!


I received:


Brand new winter coat

Washington Capitals jacket

Hat, Scarf (matches the coat)

Razer Lycosa Keyboard (been asking for it!)

How to Train Your Dragon

Fuzzy Pants




So excited! I've gotten everything I asked for this year!

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Here's what I got:

-YoYoFactory Popstar Yoyo(Ordered it Tuesday with a $50 Visa gift card I got from work, arrived today, surprised!)

-$50 Petco Gift Card, used towards a Bearded Dragon, now need a name for him. Any suggestions?

-$100 from a client I've been editing video for

-$20 from my uncle

-$10 from my sister

-EarForce PX21 (Amazingness, Just finished a round of Black Ops with these!)

-DK Country Returns

-Sonic Colors (Wii)

-Red Dead Undead (PS3)

-NFS Under Cover (PS3)

-Gorilla Pod SLR

$25 Gamestop Card

$25 Target card

$15 Starbucks card


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-$450 thus far


-2 books of Schubert's leider

-some CDs

-a few DVDs

-even though I've had it for 3 months, my rebuilt Yamaha U1 (piano). It takes up a vast majority of my Christmas (and probably the next couple).


EDIT: Forgot these:

-gift cards

-two books

-and more candy

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