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SoCal Parks in Novemeber


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Are SFMM and Knotts good to visit in Novemeber? I can not even find on the web if Knotts is open at all.


I am from the east coast and planning on being in the San Diego/ LA area either the first or second week of November. I am looking for tips on what parks are open, and which ones are not crowed-- it would also be great to know about any obscure coasters worth riding in the area. transportation, parking and in park tips for the following would be great as well!







Thanks for any help available!

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Thanks for the info!


I have looked at rcdb, the only probelm I have is deciding if a coaster is 1). worth the credit

2). how far it actually is (I know that rcdb lists distance in miles, but that doesn't always mean time away)


So are there any good credits at samller parks that are worth the trip?

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Is the Santa Monica West Coaster worth a try? Screaming Mummy looks interesting, is it worth an extra trip to Pharohs? I don't think Adventure City or Castles looks like a good fit for a couple in their mid twenties-- am I dead wrong? Scandia Screamer also looks somewhat interesting.. any other opinions?


Thanks again for all the help.


BTW, does anyone have a good attack plan for Knotts- as in what is the best order to hit the coasters, and which rides are likely to break down?

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I wouldn't go out off my way ride ride Westcoaster. It's pricy and it's probably the most boring coaster out there. However, Santa Monica is a nice town.


You might be able to do DL and DCA in a day if it's really light, but I'd still recomend at least two days.

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