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Missouri Adventures [RCT2]

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Official Press Release:


September 8, 1974.

Construction has started on what will be the next great American theme park. Missouri Adventures is scheduled to open on our 200th birthday, July 4, 1976. To honor this important date, the park's main street will be constructed with architecture that harkens back to the days of colonial America. The main gate will also be decorated with American flags.


The park will feature many exciting rides and attractions. Some noteworthy attratctions are a mile long trail through the woods, allowing guests to take a break from the other rides and appreciate the beauty of nature. The park will open with two roller coasters: American Flyer- a fast wooden roller coaster that takes riders over several speed hills giving a feeling of 'airtime', Corkscrew, a steel coaster which takes guests upside down a mind-boggling three times! You heard me right, three times!


So, mark your calenders for July 4, 1976, the day the next great amusement park opens.


Below are some pictures taken from the construction site.



The beautifully constructed entry plaza.


One side of American Main Street.


The other side.


The Nature Trail will take guests on a mile long trek through the woods to view nature and wildlife.


The first two rides have been constructed.

p.s. PM me if you would like to make the entry huts invisible.


Overview of the plot.


note: I am nowhere near done with the foliage, I will finish it.

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Construction Log:


July 22, 1975


We're just under a year away from the grand opening of Missouri Adventures. So much has been completed since then. American Flyer has been completed and Corkscrew is currently under construction. I have some pictures of the progress that has been made since the last update.



The All-American Diner features food and drink items such as chicken strips, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and a variety of milkshake flavors.


A seafood restaurant has been completed by the lake.


Granny Cars is a car ride located right on the water.


The Riverside Pizzas serves delicious Brooklyn style pizzas. The pizzas are 100% hand-made for complete authenticity.


Here you can see the patriotic station of American Flyer, this is sure to be a guest favorite.


American Flyer in its senic location bordering the water will give guests a great view of the lake.


The hills in the out-run will give magnificent airtime.


The turnaround will give guests a break before returning to the thrills.


The home stretch will provide even more airtime.


Meanwhile, the mind-blowing Corckscrew is nearing completion.

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Construction Log


February 26, 1976


Because of heavy snow these past few days, construction has been slowed down. The snow has cleared and the park is almost ready for opening. We are way ahead of schedule, and I have a small construction update



Corkscrew was completed about a month ago. I took a ride on it today and I must say, going upside down is quite exciting.


Corkscrew Cafe is a first for amusement parks. It is an all day brunch buffet and features Belgian waffles and juicy, bacon-wrapped steak.


Skyride was put in to take guests across the lake from one side of the park to the other. It will challenge your fear of heights at the same time.


Sky tower is a 240 foot tower that will give guests a panoramic view of the park.


The sea monster is an intense spinning flat ride, don't go on it right after you eat.


It's hard to believe we're almost ready to open and there is still 4 months to go. July 4 can't come soon enough!

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Well I've got a bit of a problem. Since my game is screwed up and I don't have the start closed option in the scenario editor I had to close and then open with 8cars. When I went to open the park this happened:



They are getting stuck before they even get to the entrance. They don't even move they just stand there.

I tried removing the guests with 8cars but they got stuck in the same spot. I hope this can be fixed, if not I'm cancelling this park.

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Simple fix in the scenario editor will do the trick.


1: Save any track files that you want to reuse

2: when in the scenario mode, in the left hand corner there are options. Click on the load landscape and open up this file.

3: using 8cars, use the function de-own border land and reconnect the path. Keep that border on because this is a common problem that can happen.

4: when you're able to see that guest can enter the park, then you can own all land.


What happens when you own land before you set borders is it cause the connection to break.


Hope this helps.

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You didn't happen to own all land did you? That would be the most common cause of the problem your having. If that is the case the best thing to do would be to "De-own Border Land". The problem should be fixed immediately. If you need to build on the parks boarder just the "Invert Land Ownership - All Types" build what you need to build and then switch it back.

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