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Dave & Ice Bat's Thread Of Awesomeness!

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In other news, I got talked into doing one of those "365 Days Of Creativity" projects, so I'm doing 365 Days Of Ice Bat Photos, with a new photo every day. I'm probably going to just post them on Facebook, unless people would like to see each day's photo here too. Feel free to discuss.




Do you mind if I friend you on Facebook? Or can I see your pictures on Facebook without being your friend? I'm pretty sure you're already friends with Laurie (laurieather) on here.

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^I'll friend anyone on Facebook/Twitter as long as they're over 18 and don't spam me about crap. I thought you were already on my list, though.


I might still add the "365 Days Of Ice Bat" pictures here, but likely once a week or something. I haven't decided yet.


Tomorrow, Ice Bat Photos From 2010 that didn't quite make the cut for the Top 10, including quite a few from various parks. Be excited!



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^I'll friend anyone on Facebook/Twitter as long as they're over 18 and don't spam me about crap. I thought you were already on my list, though.


I might still add the "365 Days Of Ice Bat" pictures here, but likely once a week or something. I haven't decided yet.


Tomorrow, Ice Bat Photos From 2010 that didn't quite make the cut for the Top 10, including quite a few from various parks. Be excited!




Well we're already friends on Twitter, so I'll go add you on Facebook.


But Yes, more Ice Bat pictures in whatever way you like will be awesome.

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Now that the Top Ten is complete, it's time for BONUS PHOTOS. These are some that didn't make the cut, but are still pretty awesome. So enjoy!




Some times the best thing about Ice Bat photos is getting him into the correct position...


Now serving...FRESH ICE BAT!


Those are wine stains...I think...


Who wouldn't want to drink there?!? There would be strippers and nightly chainsaw battles and loud music and good food and fire! Oh, and probably beer...


Ice Bat and explosives. Two great tastes that just go together!


Ice Bat and...AN ICE MACHINE!!!!! This was taken on our backstage food tour at Holiday World, which was amazing fun.


Ice Bat is ready to win valuable prizes! Fascination rules.


The Corolla Of Awesomeness gets a new owner!


Ice Bat is an award winner!


OK, this should have been the best photo ever, but I screwed it up by not bringing my sign I made, and by not shooting it so you can see where we are. This was taken in Pottertown, and was supposed to have Ice Bat holding a sign saying "SUCK IT ROWLING" because...WE HAVE DIET COKE IN POTTERLAND!!! OH NO, WE HAVE BROKEN THE IMMERSION!!! Still funny, just not as good as I thought it would be...




Hope you enjoyed the photos. New updates soon!

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I have strange, sexual feelings towards Leslie Hall.


"I know, right?!" [Green Lantern trailer reference] Something about her does things to me...


Also, must agree that Ice Bat's mad playa skillz put mine to shame. Respect.


[Gotta go on a TPR trip some day. Gotta ride Prowler some day.]

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Wonderpup is also quite a lush. And he likes to play games. He also has his own Facebook page (link is under my avatar).


(BTW, we're going to be spending a lot of time at Busch Gardens Tampa next couple years thanks to my new 2 year pass... so if you & Ice Bat are in the area, give us a holler!)




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OK, I have been ill, but now that I'm better, it's time for another update. This one will be a little different, as it's a story with pictures. I hope it amuses. Anyway, here's DAVE & ICE BAT GO OUT INTO THE SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!


We had not been out in days, due to the horrible snowpocalypse that had plagued us. But we were out of vital supplies


We armed ourselves as best we could, to protect against the roving bands of yeti that were terrorizing our frost covered world


We bundled ourselves up to best survive the cold


With our first step outside, we knew our journey was going to be very dangerous


After many miles we came upon this storage facility


which contained a vehicle for us to use on our journey!


But would it be able to take us across the ice-coated paths?


Well, as it turns out, it wouldn't be a problem...


And it looks like many other people were out for supplies as well!


We found food to sustain us on our journey


Ice Bat then demanded we get him some supplies from this location


And we also decided that we needed some new entertainment since we had been trapped inside for so long


With all of our supplies purchased, we would now have to begin our journey home


But how long would our journey take us, given that the world is now a frozen plane of frigid existence?


Hmm, not that long, actually. Would have been even faster if Baltimorons understood the concept of "acceleration"


So we had all our valuable supplies, and had successfully survived our journey into the outside world. And what did we learn? Oh, how about STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT SNOW, MARYLAND IDIOTS! IT SNOWS HERE EVERY YEAR, YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH IT! DO YOU NEED TO BUY 87,000 GALLONS OF MILK? DO YOU NEED TO CLOSE SCHOOLS THREE DAYS BEFORE THE FIRST FLAKE FALLS? DO YOU NEED TO COWER INSIDE YOUR HOME? No, you don't. We're making a nation of babies because people cannot deal with even simple things. Grow up, America!


Instead of freaking out, how about enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee?


Or be like Ice Bat, and drink yourself into a coma! Either way, LEARN TO DEAL WITH NORMAL THINGS THAT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.


Thus concludes our story. Hope it entertained. If you liked it, be sure to tell others and/or write a 5,000 word essay praising its genius. And remember, single women, Dave & Ice Bat are available for fine dining and conversation. Or nachos and shark movies. Whichever you prefer...

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