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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Also, here is a standings update.


Beatle11 - 6 pts.

Mr. Starr - 2 pts.

VintheAttendant- 2 pts.

Mich17mak - 2 pts.

DeathbyDinn - 1pt.

A113 - 1 pt.

The Setgo Guys - 1pt.

Migs310 - 1 pt.

Bpmitchell - 1 pt.


The final round will be worth 5 pts, so everyone is still in it!

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I think I have a good idea on where to find the correct link...maybe I'll continue looking later, but I did find the "dead end" - it's located on the Holiday World video on the TPR facebook page (I'm looking at the facebook page b/c of the "Social Networking" clues - and looked at Holiday World and other Pepsi-related parks b/c of the Pepsi clues):


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Congrats to Migs310 and Mich17mak for finding the two links for the 3rd round!


Here is photo for the correct link:



What could this mean??


Also, here is the updated standings through the end of the 3rd round (Remember the final round is worth 5 pts!):


Beatle11 - 7 pts.

Migs310 - 3 pts.

Mich17mak - 3 pts.

Mr. Starr - 2 pts.

VintheAttendant - 2 pts.

DeathbyDinn - 1 pt.

bpmitchell - 1 pt.

The Setgo Guys - 1 pt.

A113 - 1 pt.


I will go ahead and give you the first clue for the next round for anyone that wants to get started on the 4th round. I will officially start the game up again later this afternoon.


Round #4 Clue #1


(Mmm, beer!)

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EDIT: The mountainous background in the former picture makes me lean towards Germany.


That is very interesting that you would think that!


Round 4 continues now!


So far, for Round 4, we have the following photo clues:



The photo that the correct link from Round #3 led to.



Round #4 Photo #1


If you were not able to play last night, don't worry. There are still plenty of points to be earned, so you can still win!


For a recap of the rules, go here: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=978111#p978111


Here is next clue for Round #4:


Round #4 Clue #2


Where in the world do they have places like this??

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I'm leaning towards Germany more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The first clue of round 4 does look a lot like the villages in the foothills of Germany. I tried to see what side of the street the cars are on, but they're far too small to tell which direction they are driving. That would answer the "is it in Europe?" question.

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