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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Does this coaster usually have a line longer than 15 minutes?


Probably not anymore.


Is this ride from a chain park?




Is this ride from a chain park?


Yes AND no.


Inverted coaster?




Does the ride feature large amounts of theming?


Not Disney level.


Is this a top 10 coaster in whatever category it is in?




Currently operating?




Has it ever been relocated?


Yes AND No.


Is this a ride that most family's would ride?



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If you had to compare this coaster to a type of food. Which food would it be?


A Cumquat.


Is it a sit-down coaster?




Is the coaster above 199 ft tall?


NO where close.


Is the restraint Over the head or lapbar?




Is there a clone anywhere in the world of this ride?


You can say that!


Was the coaster built in the 2000s?



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Is the ride considered a death trap to coaster enthusiasts?


Maybe just for your back.


Is it a portable coaster?


It has moved so I guess you can say it is portable.


Is the ride a family mine train from Vekoma?


It is not a Vekoma.


Is this ride the dark knight?


NO, that ride is too dark!


Is it a kiddie coaster? Should we be credit whoring tonight with our little cousins?


Not a kiddie coaster, but your cousins can ride it if they are tall enough.

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