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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Rock 'n" Roller Coaster at WDW.


Clue #1 Time- Tower of Terror is in the same park, which deals with the Twilight ZOne which warps time.


Clue #2 Expired- The name of the park used to be Disney MGM Studios and is now Disney's Hollywood Studios.


Clue #3 Houdini- He first lived in the US in Appleton, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is also known as Orlando on TPR. Orlando is where WDW is located.


Clue #4 Athens- Vekoma, creators of RNR, was founded in the Netherlands and the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands hosted the Olympics, which was created in Athens, in 1928, the same year Mickey Mouse was created.


Clue #5 Aerosmith- Theme of RNR. The music plays throughout the ride


Clue #6: Mickey- Mickey is the reason WDW was made and he was created in 1928, same year as the Olympics in Amsterdam .


Clue #7: Boomerang- Vekoma made boomerangs and the made RNR

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Deja Vu @ SFMM


Time: Deja Vu Clone, known for it's downtime

Expired: The Deja Vu clones are known to have been SBNO for period of time.

Houdini: Six Flags MAGIC Mountain has the only Deja Vu left operating under that name at a Six Flags park. Huh? Huh?

Athens: Goliath

Aerosmith: Dueces are Wild

Mickey: Disneyland is about an Hour and 15 minutes away.

Boomerang: The Coaster is Vekoma's Giant Inverted Boomerang (GIB)

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Temple of the Night Hawk


1)Time - Night is time?

2) Expired = It used to be called Space Center

3)Houdini = Escape, Vekoma also made Superman Escape (Xpress)

4) Athens = Vekoma was founded in neatherlands, host of Olymics

5) Aerosmith = Vekoma made R&R coaster

6) Mickey = R&R Coaster is a clone at WDW

7)Boomerang = A model also created by Vekoma, who created Xpress and R&R Rollercoaster...

8)Parthenon = Was a Temple in Athens

9)Enclosed = It's enclosed


I feel like I'm getting farther away...

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Space Mountain at DLP

Clue #1 Time the ride is based on a story by Jules Verne who also wrote about time travel

Clue #2 Expired

Clue #3 Houdini Disney wrote a book about Houdini and Houdini was in Paris in 1901

Clue #4 Athens Hercules a Disney movie is based on a Greek story

Clue #5 Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster is at the same park with an Aerosmith theme

Clue #6: Mickey the mouse that the park is all about

Clue #7: Boomerang a popular roller coaster made by the same manufacturer

Clue #8 Parthenon

Clue #9 Enclosed : Space Mountain is an enclosed coaster

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Based on the more recent clues, I'm going to say Opa at Mount Olympus


Clue #4 Athens: Mount Olypmpus themed to Athens

Clue #8: Parthenon: Mt. O's indoor theme park

Clue #9: Enclosed: Theme park is enclosed, as well as Opa


Clue #10 Closed: The outdoor park at Mount Olympus is currently closed

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Chaos at Opryland

1:Time: The voyage through time

2. Expired- These rides are now pretty much extinct

3. Houdini

4. Athens

5. Aerosmith: Music park that played some of their music over the speakers

6. Mickey

7. Boomerang: A popular model of coaster from the manufacturer of this ride, Vekoma

8. Parthenon: Big rectangular temple, like the building

9. Enclosed: Chaos was enclosed

10. Closed: The ride closed with the park.

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Boomerang: Coast to Coaster at Darien Lake


Clue #1 Time- Coast to Coast has a time difference of three hours.

Clue #2 Expired- Five other models of the same coaster at other Six Flags locations and they all had their original color schemes expired. The coaster at Darien Lake has retained its original colors.

Clue #3 Houdini- Houdini escaped from boxes often set in lakes. Darien Lake is next to a lake.

Clue #4 Athens- Located in Greece, the Greek flag is the same colors as the roller coaster (Aquamarine/blue and white)

Clue #5 Aerosmith- Formed in Boston, rivals with the Yankees from New York.

Clue #6: Mickey- Mickey Mantle played for the Yankees in New York, location of Darien Lake.

Clue #7: Boomerang- Model of roller coaster that Coast to Coast is.

Clue #8: Parthenon-?

Clue #9: Enclosed- ?

Clue #10: Closed- The park is now closed for the season because it is snowing in New York.

Clue #11: Mall- ?


Still working on 8, 9, and 11.

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Clue #12: Flooded


All the clues:


Clue #1 Time

Clue #2 Expired

Clue #3 Houdini

Clue #4 Athens

Clue #5 Aerosmith

Clue #6: Mickey

Clue #7: Boomerang

Clue #8: Parthenon

Clue #9: Enclose

Clue #10: Closed

Clue #11: Mall

Clue #12 Flooded

Edited by ernierocker
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Poseidon at Europa Park


Clue #1 Time - The coaster is themed to a time that has passed (Ancient Greece)

Clue #2 Expired - Poseidon is no longer worshipped so could be considered expired

Clue #3 Houdini - The park has a Mad House similar to Houdini at Great Adventure and Six Flags New England

Clue #4 Athens - Greece section of the park where the ride is

Clue #5 Aerosmith - Aerosmith has performed in Germany

Clue #6: Mickey - Euro Mouse is the Mascot

Clue #7: Boomerang - Freizeit-Land Geiselwind has a Boomerang coaster also in Germany

Clue #8: Parthenon - Theming in that part of the park

Clue #9: Enclosed - The coaster is partially enclosed

Clue #10: Closed - The park is closed for the season

Clue #11: Flooded - Parts of the ride are in water so it is flooded

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Mindbender - Galaxyland


1)Time - Operating since 1985

2)Expired -Schwarzkopf is expired, out of business

3) Houdini

4) Athens -Olimpia Looping, made by Schwarzkopf

5) Aerosmith - Was at edmonton Sept 14th


7)Boomerang - Schwarzkopf made a shuttle coaster, sorta like boomerang?


9)Enclosed - It's enclosed

10)Closed - Mindbender closed after an accident, but re-opened.

11) Flooded - There is a Mindbender at SFOG which flooded.

12)Mall - Located in mall.

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The correct answer is Chaos at Opryland! Congrats to QueerRudie for guessing the correct answer and winning a Bag-Of-Crap.


There is still a chance to win though! Can you guess how each clue referred to the correct answer? You will receive a point for each clue you can correctly reference to the correct answer. The person with the most points will ALSO win a Bag-Of-Crap! Previous earned points will factor into the final total.


Here is the current standings for points earned at this time:


Scott Brown: 3

DougMJr: 3

Coasterguy4: 2

Mr. Starr: 2

Jcoaster95: 1

Coastah Freak: 1


Here are the clues again:


Clue #1 Time

Clue #2 Expired

Clue #3 Houdini

Clue #4 Athens

Clue #5 Aerosmith

Clue #6: Mickey

Clue #7: Boomerang

Clue #8: Parthenon

Clue #9: Enclose

Clue #10: Closed

Clue #11: Mall

Clue #12 Flooded

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^^ All I have so far

Clue #1 Time

Clue #2 Expired- Opryland is now defunct

Clue #3 Houdini- Magician Aron Houdini first performed at Opryland

Clue #4 Athens

Clue #5 Aerosmith- Rock 'n Roller Coaster at Opryland

Clue #6: Mickey

Clue #7: Boomerang- Vekoma builds Boomerangs, built Chaos

Clue #8: Parthenon

Clue #9: Enclosed- Chaos was enclosed

Clue #10: Closed- Opryland closed in 1997

Clue #11: Mall- Nearby Opry Mills [Mall]

Clue #12 Flooded- Opryland flooded in 1975

Edited by Mr. Starr
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Mall- Opryland was converted into a mall after it was shut down.

Aerosmith- They had a ride named Rock 'N' Rollercoaster there which is the name of the Aerosmith themed roller coaster in orlando

Closed- Opryland was closed

Boomerang- Vekoma made the boomerang model coasters and they made Chaos

Mickey- Rock 'N' ROller coaster is located in WDW and Opryland had a coaster named the same thing when it was open

Edited by coasterguy4
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Clue #1 Time = "The roller coaster of tomorrow has arrived, and it's only at Opryland," said Julio Pierpaoli, the park's general manager. -From press release




Clue #2 Expired = Defunct

Clue #3 Houdini = Houdini first performed at Opryland




Clue #4 Athens = Nashville is sometimes called "Athens of the South"




Clue #5 Aerosmith = Rock 'n' Rollercoaster (themed by Aerosmith at Disney), Coaster by the same name. Defunct at same park.




Clue #6: Mickey = Rock 'n' Rollercoaster is also a name of a ride found at WDW

Clue #7: Boomerang = Same Manufacturer, Vekoma

Clue #8: Parthenon = The Parthenon stands proudly as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, Nashville's premier urban park.




Clue #9: Enclose = It was an enclosed rollercoaster.


Clue #10: Closed = The park and the coaster are now closed.




Clue #11: Mall = Closed and Mall built in place (ironically closed by flooding.




Clue #12 Flooded = Operyland got Flooded in 1975




*This was a lot of fun, will participate again.*

Edited by DougMJr
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Funny thing is, the Opry Mills Mall that was built on the property after the park closed is now currently closed because of flooding it sustained during the 2010 Tennessee Floods in May. The park had been flooded in 1975 as previously mentioned.

Edited by beatle11
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Clue #1 Time - It was called the roller coaster of tomorrow and featured projections of a clock shattering, time portals, and a digital clock and it was probably one of the most unique coasters of its time

Clue #2 Expired - Opryland is no longer in existence and the Chaos coaster has been scrapped its time had "expired"

Clue #3 Houdini - Aron Houdini first performed at the Opryland Theme Park there is also someone known as "little Houdini" in the Nashville area as well

Clue #4 Athens - Nashville is refered to as the Athens of the south

Clue #5 Aerosmith - Theme from the rockin roller coaster at WDW Opryland also had a coaster by the same name

Clue #6: Mickey - Rockin Roller Coaster could be found at Opryland and is also a Disney ride and Mickey is Disney's main character

Clue #7: Boomerang - A popular Vekoma coaster the same manufacturer as Chaos

Clue #8: Parthenon - There is a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville

Clue #9: Enclose - The roller coaster was enclosed

Clue #10: Closed - The roller coaster closed with the park in 1997

Clue #11: Mall - Opryland USA closed to make way for the Opry Mills mall

Clue #12 Flooded - The park flooded in 1975 and the area the park once was flooded again this year and is still has not fully recovered

Edited by ScottBrown
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