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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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is it the old shockwave from SFMM


Good guess but no.


Does it have a long or short ride time?


It is not considered very long.


Is it in the USA?




Is it manufactured by Zamperla?




Is it an out and back?




was it a Kings Island Coaster?



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Have there been any injuries on this coaster?


Nothing noteworthy.


Is it in Kennywood? (Cole really likes this question )


Nope, somewhat close though.


Are there a large number of rides in the park it is located at?


Not a WHOLE lot.


Is it in the Northeast area (Penn, NY, NJ)?


Yes, northeast USA.


Does it spin?



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More or less than 100 miles from Kennywood?


You have to consider that I hadn't revealed it was in the Northeast USA when I said relatively close to Kennywood.


black dimond at knoebels





Is it north of New York?


The city or the state?

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I'm going to say its in New York state.


I'm going to say that isn't a bad deduction.


Hoot N Holler (Darien Lake)


-In New York

-Family coaster

-Used to be in a SF park




Is it near Albany?


You will probably see commercials about its park in Albany.

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