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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Is it taller than 150 feet and shorter than 180 feet?


It is definitely shorter than 180 feet.


Is it by a more well known manufacturer or is it a knock off of a ride type.


Not a knock-off.


Was it built in the last 5 years?


In the last 8 years.


Is the ride a headline attraction at its park?


Depends on what your definition is, but some would probably think so.


Is it a wild mouse coaster?


No. That may be a good guess though.


Was there a TPR Bash at the park this ride is located at?




Is it in China or Japan?




Does it give a smooth ride or a more unenjoyable one?


I haven't ridden it.


When it was built. Was it the first of it's kind in the US?



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Is it a Gerstlauer?




Is it a Six Flags Coaster?




Is it a coaster you guys "credit whored" on?( a.k.a Kiddie coaster) and was it featured on a trip report?


No, it would not be considered a credit whore ride. Yes, it was featured on a trip report. Please ask one question per post.


Did the coaster open before or after 2000?




Is it manufactured by Zierer?




If you could describe the coaster in one word. What word would it be?




Does it have a vertical lift hill?



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