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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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So this morning, the mailman rang my doorbell and I wondered what could it be, and to my surprise, a nice HUGE box marked Theme Park Review was on my doorstep.


So after going OMG it's here already I dove in and here is my Box of Crap from the Where in World 2012 game!



My oh my what could be in here?



All of this! And I've got stuff on top of stuff. There was a lot packed into this box!



And in here was some Sweet Universal Singapore stuff from their opening.


Robb and Elissa, thank you guys so much for all of this. It's gorgeous, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it all.

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As some of you may know, I recently won (with Nicole) the 2012 edition of Where in the World are Robb & Elissa. I've been fortunate enough to win a couple of these contests before, but was floored when my BOC arrived earlier this week. To call it a box of crap would not be doing it justice as it's a pretty amazing prize. This got me thinking; "This prize deserves the price is right/showcase showdown treament". So without further interruption, here you go-



-chris "this is why everyone should participate in TPR contests" connolly


Today's Showcase features products you'd love to have after taking a luxurious trip to SINGAPORE!


During your long flight to South East Asia, you'll probably want to stay refreshed, clean, and presentable. The first part of our show case includes a shaving kit, sanitary napkin, nail polish, lip gloss, razor, socks, and just about any other item to ensure you are at your best when the flight touches down.


Since you'll probably want to be familiar with all of the exotic locations and themeparks you are going to visit, We've provided you with enough maps and reading material to keep even the nerdiest coaster fan happy on the flight.


Feeling a little parched during your flight? Look no further. We've included an idle wild koozie and sfag thermos for your adult beverages, some exotic Singapore candy, a hansa park lanyard to ensure you won't lose your passport in a drunk stupor, and a Japanese name stamp in case you do.


Thinking about visiting a waterpark in South East Asia, but want to make sure you have the trendiest gear? We're including exclusive Schlitterbahn flip flops as well as a beach bag for all of your souvenirs.


Included in your excotic vacation is a visit to Universal's newest ride as well as a t-shirt that will be the envy of all of your friends back home. Miss someone? We've got you covered with exclusive limited edition transformers post cards.


But wait there's more- Since this is a VIP trip, you'll feel the love while enjoying your new GRAND OPENING BOX. This box includes, a crystal grand opening paper weight, a limited edition pin,key chain, mug, magnet, and even a phone card to call people back home and remind them of how happy your are.


AND YOU ARE GETTING A NEW CAR- Well not really, but you will get an exclusive, misprint Battlestar Gallactica placard that was to be featured on each train. Something you won't find anywhere else. This showcase is yours, if THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

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Does it involve humiliating a certain TPR member?


It probably should.


Instead of TPR orlando its TPO Orlando.


That's not it.


Disregarding the fact that this is TPR, does it have anything to do with a roller coaster?


In a way.

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