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The Ray's LA Somewhat Christmas Weekend


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Amy and I did a quick visit to LA this past weekend. We did Disneyland on Friday, Six Flags on Saturday, Universal Studios of Sunday, and Knott's for half of Monday.


Disneyland - Met up with Diabetic Dan and our friend Jessica. It was extremely busy so we just walked around a bit, and ate a ton. I was very proud of Dan, he totally destroyed me in eating the most. The holiday decorations were up, but it didn't seem like as much as previous years. The castle looked good though. Using the completely unfair and ineffective ( ) Fast Passes, we were able to do all the rides we wanted. We checked out ElecTRONica at night, and it was pretty cool. Just that tiny area was ten times better than the entire Pleasure Island. Lazerman was really neat, and watching the teenie boppers attempt to dance was the highlight of the night!


Six Flags Magic Mountain - Because we were planning on leaving early, we decided not to get a Flash Pass. We completely lucked out though. It was Toys for Tots day, so if you brought a toy worth $15 you would get in for free. Amy and I hooked up with the Alvey's to get the special buy 4 season passes and get Hurricane Harbor free (Highly recommend it), and Amy and I needed to process our passes. Amazingly, there was absolutely no line for SP processing! They were very friendly and fast. After that, and because we arrived late, we were in line all the way to the metal detectors! However, I spied with my little eye a Discover Card entrance! I remembered the 5% discount, but totally forgot about the special entrance! We walked right past everyone showing how much better we were than everyone else because we had a discover card, and were able to get in a few minutes early. This saved us at least 2 hours. Why? Well, contrary to what a lot of people say, you have to X2 first thing in the morning. We had a 10 minute wait for the front, and after we got off, the line was already over 1 1/2 hours long! We stayed ahead of the pack and had a 15 minute wait for the front of Tatsu. After getting off of that, the line was an hour long! It was like that for the rest of the day. We skipped Ninja, the water boat ride, and Riddler (one train dispatch because they decided to send the other train to another park during the holiday season for some idiotic reason). We were able to hit every other ride within a four hour period. We were very lucky. Afterwards we headed to TPR headquarters to hang out!


Universal Studios - We met up with Fernando (TPR Screen name: Nando) whom we met on the Deep South trip. We had a lot of fun, and had the front of the line pass. The Grinchmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was fun, but only if you have the Front of the Line Pass. Without it, I would never do it. I couldn't believe how long the lines were for it. The show on the tram ride was a nice touch, and made the set actually look worth being on the tour. I loved the set when it was new, but it always just seems so incredibly faded. The Grinch tunnel was a seizure victims nightmare. I have never been so blinded and confused by that tunnel. The flashing was incredibly intense. Dan met us for dinner, and we all felt like throwing up after eating too much at Tony Roma's.


Knott's - Knott's was also having the Toys for Tots, but it was absolutely empty the first two hours! In 2 hours we were able to get 2 front row rides on Silver Bullet, 2 rides on Xcellerator (1 in the front), Supreme Scream, Jaguar, Montezuma's, Pony Express, and La Revolucion. We then were able to meet up with Christine and Melissa (it was her birthday) for a few more hours before flying home. Amy and I saw our first show ever in the birdcage theater and we really enjoyed it! We had a ton of fun catching up with them, and wished we could have hung out longer. The best part of the day was laughing at the mine train operators spiel. We had absolutely no clue what he was saying.


R is for Ray's. Our last picture with the letters.


This stage was virtually useless. It showed the opening ceremony for ElecTRONica, but wasn't used during the event.


This is what happens when you use your cell phone too much.


Dan introduced us to the best nachos!


The nice fog in the morning and the smelly gross water reminded me of San Francisco.


No more Maliboomer.


They should just get rid of this entire ride. No pretty pictures of Goofy will save it.


They missed Halloween by a few weeks.


Dan and Jessica couldn't stop laughing about it.


I wonder what's on Dan's mind!


This lady had an incredibly unacceptable amount of wetness on her backside. It was disgusting.


Hey John! This guy likes Osprey as much as you do!


It's a Small World was all decked out for Christmas, and the lines looked like Black Friday at Walmart!


X2 was running absolutely incredible! Of course you have to have the proper sitting position or you will get the crap kicked out of you. It was also our first ride of the day so that made it better as well.


Amy's hair is already starting to go wild and we haven't even ridden a ride yet!


If this tastes half as good as it looks, were in for a real treat. *I hope someone gets the reference ;)


Disneyland stole the idea of removing rides and putting in a park from SFMM.


Giovanni is excited that Santa didn't forget him like last year.


Antonio was concentrating so hard on solving his puzzle that the electric currents made his hair stand on end.


That was one tough puzzle.


William plays night stalker and goes after Kid Tums with scissors.


It's always a good day when Hector is around!


William threatened me with T-Rex because I didn't go see his Disneyland Brick.


Loved this store as always, and they had a bunch of great sale items.


I agree with Dan. The pre-show is ten times better than the actual ride.


Hey look, it's Foster's! The greatest beer in Australia!


Stupid parents and stupid kids. I was really hoping he would fall.


The worst thing in the history of Universal Studios.


To one of the best!


This part was a nice touch, but nothing spectacular.


More dancing


The pizza at Universal was incredible!


Still no upward progress on Transformers.


The newer special effects show was pretty good, but I miss some of the older sections.


The bloody knife is always good.


Snooki was even there to take control of the Astronaut!


And the camel toe of the year award goes too....


Waterworld is still a good show.


Say hello to my little friend.


If they combined Jaws with Waterworld!


I am easily amused by fire.


He enjoys that kick too much.


Human on fire!




I will have this animal one day.


These guys are awesome.


The Grinchmas Tree. A lot of people asked if this tree was real.


This 'who' looks like the chick from Blade Trinity.


Cindy Lou Who is a book nerd.


The Grinch was awesome!


He had the greatest facial expressions.


La-dee-who-dee-fa-lee-soo-dee whatever.


They even had Max!


There was a lady doing this exact same pose and it looked so stupid...so we had to do it!


I wonder when Knott's is going to start using these.


Still just a few signs of Haunt left.


Perilous Plunge is empty for the winter. Can't wait for the 15 minute one boat cycle times next summer!


Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. CABLE!


This was very good. A little too much teriyaki flavor, but still very good! A great way to end the trip!

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Where do you get the nachos from DCA? Tastepilots? Also, ewwwwww, that is not a pretty picture, that lady looks...well, thats disgusting,


The nachos were at White Water Snacks at the Grand Californian, right next to the DCA entrance. They were very good! The worst part about the lady was that she was facing everyone who was eating at Mel's Diner. Needless to say, it ruined our meal.

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