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Christmas Park [RCT2]

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Hello all. This is my entry for Roomies Christmas Giveaway. There's still some work to be done but I figured i'd show you guys what I have so far and love to get your feedback. Once again this is a NCS park so let me know what you think


My basic idea I had after my awesome coaster contest entry.


Work on the entrance plaza.


First attempt at what is now Candycane Lane


Replaced it with an over the top themed spinning wild mouse. Candycane Lane


Added a sweets shop.


Santa's Workshop. A ride that brings you through the different areas of Santa's Toyshop. It really is a nicely themed area in my opinion.


View from above.


First attempt at a station..... than I had a revolution.


It turned into a present. the only thing I don't liek is just how boxy it looks, even though thats how presents are but I digress. Also showing the new B&M coaster which has yet to be named so name suggestions are welcome. And if someone can find out how to make a better bow without hacks or custom scenery let me know! haha

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Added a few more things for you guys to comment on. Thanks to dmax for fixing some of my land issues and hacks to get rid of the fences!! Let me know what you think so far.


still need a name for this guy


added a new mine ride. its like a runaway mine cart through an ice mountain. also needs a name. suggestions??


overview so far! suggestions on what to put in the empty space?!

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The only thing with making the tree functional is I think adding stations and paths would take away from the quaintness of the area. I've debated trying to start it underground and have the entrance underground but.. Havent done any trials yet.

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Got a few pics for ya.


Still need a name for the Hyper!!!


Polar Plunge. A thrilling ride that takes riders in and out of the mountainside.


yea... attempted a nut cracker. I really like how it turned out till i got to the head. haha So please, if anyone has any suggestions for making it better please let me know!!!


close up.. haha




overview so far.. almost done.

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Love the nut cracker!




If your not wanting to make the ride the tree is attached to function (and I agree with that decision) you can still sink the base underground and get rid of it that way. However, the djb way would look better by not having a hole in the ground where the tower pops back out.


...a name for the B&M? hummmmmmm... I am horrible at this kind of thing.

Snow Blower

Garland Twist

Reindeer Games

Santa Express


Frosties Wild Ride

Stocking Stuffer

Gift Box Surprise

Ribbon Rider


...I give up

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Well, it's a simple 8 cars trick: under 8 cars in the Misc. tab, there is a function called "map object manipulator" What this does is sink, lower, raise, and delete anything on any given land tile.


Here's the basics:


1: color the base of the flat a tile color you're not using on the map.

2: open 8 cars (the one that says version) and find the Map object manipulator under the misc tab

3: select the option "raise lower" and set it to -1 check off ride track, and check off the color of land you used, and simply push okay.


It's a nice trick to make flats that work without bases.

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Hey, just a forwarning, running W7 and TTP and trying to do the above hack leads to the game freezing. Thought that I would warn people as I lost some work. Im really liking this Cork, this is so much better than WW. I agree, that nutcracker is amazing. Cant wait to see the final product.

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haha I'm really impressed that you guys actually like the nutcracker. Granted I honestly cannot think of another way to do it without custom scenery. Once I had the legs, body, and arms I was like, wow this is actually looking really really good!! Than came the head.. haha


But yeah if someone would want to do that hack for me I would greatly appreciate it. The park is basically done as of now. Thinking I might want to move the nutcracker to a different area of the park, seems a little misplaced there I felt.

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I have an idea for the buttons . In the front body. Make 2 full tile round window walls. But make sure you can put something behind there that wont be visible unless you see it through the window. And then put a wall of whatever color you want behind it. The head's executed well, no need to fret .

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I think I may add one more maybe on the other side of the park. Different color scheme. Any more ideas fore the B&M!?! haha I need to finish this park tonight! (heading out of town till new years and it needs to be submitted on the 24th)


Also, in pictures the head looks ok.. just remember that those gears are constantly moving

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