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While working tonight in the City of Worcester MA, I bumped into Prince Desmond. He joined the Canadian show group Cirque Du Soleil. He was the lead performer in the show-stopping Cirque Du Soleil Dralion. He was nice enough to stop and take a picture for me, but I had to give him some money for the his Save the Big Dipper fund.


The hourglass tells how much time is left to save the Big Dipper

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^ Prince Desmond and TPR own Google!


So, here are a few more options for everyone to look through


Prince Desmond sings for money to save the big dipper


not sure what happend after the contest...


Prince Desmond then went to levitate to earn money to save the big dipper


He's even signed on with Fox to provide censorship for So You Think You Can Dance when needed. This man will do anything to save the big dipper!

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someone needs to take up the challenge and do the Nirvana baby cover. http://www.solarnavigator.net/music/music_images/Nirvana_Nevermind_album_cover.jpg



Its Quick and Dirty.... but here it is. ..... With some added fun!




Great Job. I trying to figure out how to change the skin tone of the baby. oh and enlarging the shlong.

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Well, I thought I would give everyone a little re-cap on my version of where in the world is Prince Desmond. I'm not going to re-post the pic's, so if you haven't yet visited this thread, I would highly recommend starting from the beginning. There are many many quality photos to look at from several members. So, here we go. Note: my stuff starts on page three


1. After getting kicked out of IPPIPPA (get it, haha) Prince D needed much stress relief and made his way to Amsterdam

2. After finishing his stay after only 10 minutes, he decided it was time to continue searching for the best possible place to move the big rolling coaster to and ended up in Iraq

3. After finding what he thought was the best place, he moved up the road a bit to bang balls with his favorite tennis greats in Dubai. Maybe DubaiDave got an autographed PrinceD tennis ball, if he did, it's worth $384

4. Prince D needed a disguise, so he dawned a video camera and patch jacket

5. He then went to the Vatican, AKA Buca to pray for money to help build the big dipping coaster

6. After praying, he was told by the Pope table to make his way to a big fund raising event at the world bank

7. He then transported to the underground to see his beloved dead cat

8. Using a tunnel from the underground that he thought led to America, he discovered he was still on the Mexico side of the border. So he hired some coyotes to help him cross

9. Spoof

10. Once he crossed the border, he went to a golf course in Arizona and won the tourney to help raise money to rebuild the big dipper

11. Obama was vacationing in Arizona so he stopped by to say hello and ask for hope

12. While he thought he found the Big Dipper, something he's never ever seen in person before, he was mistaken, but figured he'd save the Coaster Dips as well.

13. Prince D then went to California to talk with some coaster wheel manufacturers about getting his face wrapped on wheels

14. After recovering from the massive headache from his head spinning around on an arrow coaster, he flew over to las vegas where he met Penn and Teller and sang for money

15. Still not sure what happened after the contest

16. He tried to draw a crowd after the Chris Angel Cirque show by levitating above the Luxor,hoping to raise money, but no one cared

17. He then drove to LA where he began work on the set of SYTYCD making any extra money he can to fund his beloved project.



So that leaves me with just two more installments, the last installment I will post later today/tonight


Prince Desmond got a job working as a Dippin Dots guy, it's here where he would learn everything he needed to know about building rolly coasters


he then went to Knott's Berry Farm where he tried out to be part of the windseeker promotional video, this guy is amazing, no job to big or small for man wanting to raise money


He got the address of a Robb Alvey from the Dippin Dots guy, unfortunatley when he got there, the place was on fire. Even sadder for him, he discovered that the people he wants to be like had moved and left no forwarding address


So he got a job in maintenance at SFMM to earn earn enough money to make the trip to the place they call Ohio, and to learn everything he can about rolling coasters

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Will Prince Desmond make it to see his beloved Big Dipper in time to save it? You'll have to read to find out.


After getting directions from his Dippin Dot's co-workers, he set a course for Ohio. Unfortunatley, the Dippin Dots guy sent him to Portland instead of Cleveland. I suppose they do look similar...


So, the Prince bought a map and made it to Cleveland in time to take the Browns to the Super Bowl


After he helped to flush out the enemy, he asked for help finding the big dipper. Unfortunatley for him, they took him to the wrong big dipper. And much like it's counterpart, this dipper is in pretty bad shape. So what will Prince Desmond do next? The world may never know.

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