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Interview with Walter Bolliger!

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Maybe I should have thought about this question back when Robb was doing his IAAPA updates but since X-Raptor was mentioned in the interview I'll ask it here. Were there any pictures or simulation videos showing off the trains and or track that are being used to build the X-Raptor coaster or is it so hush, hush they are not even offering this coaster type to other parks yet?


If I some how missed any information about this type of coaster during the IAAPA coverage I am sorry for bringing it up again.

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I find it interesting that they say they got into coasters because there was a low demand for civil companies designing buildings and bridges as if there is a high demand for companies who design roller coasters. I guess when B&M got into the game in the early 90's there weren't that many companies designing steel coasters. it seems like now there a still a relatively small number of companies who design coasters and getting into that type of work is very difficult and competitive. I would guess there are probably hundreds of companies that design buildings and bridges compared to probably less than 20 companies who design coasters. B&M coasters are truly amazing works of engineering art that set the bar for the industry but i definitely think those guys got into the industry at a great time!

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I remember watching a video of Walter giving a speech at Cedar Point. It's interesting how they started out with a rotating restaurant. From what I gathered, Walter and Claude worked for Giovanola (Walter having a degree in Structural Engineering and Metallurgy, Claude with Mechanical Engineering) who did some work for Intamin. Then, after leaving Giovanola, they had 4 draftsmen and the two engineers. Six Flags tracked them down and they had to decide if they were going to continue making amusement rides. I'm sure glad they took on the challenge and delivered some of the most wonderful roller coasters. I can only imagine the amount of work it took making a ride like Iron Wolf with such a small team and with "archaic" software (I wonder how much was done by hand back then). What I wonder is how Werner Stengel is listed as a designer too sometimes on RCDB, and of course, Six Flags' engineers must have helped somehow (like with Batman the Ride).


Oh, and yes, I've never heard of an X-Raptor too

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