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Hello, I am Trevor Bondi, manager of Grabowski Enterprises. This is the newest of the parks, Bond Gardens. It is all about the thrills beyond your wildest imagination! It has 8 roller coasters! 3 B&M's, 3 Intamin's, 1 Arrow, and 1 Vekoma. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the GE Park chain. (NOTICE: This park is built for thrills,fun, and with a hint of realism.)


The grand entrance to Bond Gardens.


The park's finest B&M, The Cobra's Eye.


A small Mega-Lite for the easy-riders.


The star of Bond Gardens, Blue Flames, an Intamin Mega-Lite


Lightning Streak! An Impulse Coaster!


Avalanche, the park's Invert (B&M).


Vortex, a B&M stand-up coaster.


An old Arrow coaster, Mega Loop.


Fireworks over Bond Gardens!


The Vekoma Boomerang with steeper hills like the guests requested!


UPDATE!!!! lots of people showed up at Bond Gardens for the end of the season.


More trees were planted by the landscapers!


During the off-season a new ride is built. It will be a 144' tall launched freefall tower called "The Sky Is The Limit!".





TPR members were invited to a sneak peak ERT on The Sky Is The Limit! They enjoyed it. Can't wait until the off-seasonis over!


Lightning Streak had it's heart-line rolls taken off due to an accident.

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Coasters = great.


Buildings and scenery? Not so much. You need to take the time and add detail to your buildings and scenery. It will make your park look better and make you feel better about your work.

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I dont think its realistic to have 2 mega lites in one park...ehh...but you say this is just for fun sooo yea. The tiny helix on vortex after the 2nd drop looks painful.

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UPDATE!During the off season: we built 3 new attractions. A kiddie coaster, The Crypt, and Tornado. In reality Cedar Fair sold us the name, The Crypt for our topspin ride. We had to dismantle Lightning Streak and sell it do to high maintenence.


Tornado. A new swing ride that takes you high in to the air.


The Crypt, a Topspin ride.


The kiddie coaster for the children.


An overview of the new section.

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Well, I noticed some station buildings under construction, which instantly piqued my interest. They're a bit hard to make out from the screenshots, but it looks like you're trying, which is good. I'd add some roofs to that inverted station though.


It looks like you also took the suggestions about trees, which are looking rather good, actually.


Advice for the next update:

1) I said it in chat and I'll say it again: keep your coaster tracks from resting on the ground. I realize that this is a "just for fun" park, but it looks soooo much better when the rides aren't sitting on the grass!

2) The park could use a water ride, but that's probably on your agenda.

3) Paint your queue lines! They look ugly in all black!


I gotta say, you are improving, so keep it up!

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I would suggest not having stations on ground level. Its a bit unrealistc. Try making your stations at least three squares wide, with the coaster in the middle line. It looks much better that way, much more realistic.

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This is a time lapse of pictures for the construction of "The Olympian's Chariot". After those pictures are the pictures of the first TPR riders. The Olympian's Chariot is 205 feet tall, goes 75 mph, is filled with airtime, and has lots of hills, turns, and helix's. This is the tallest ride in the park and is made by Bolliger & Mabillard. It is partly based of of Titan & Goliath at the Six Flags parks. We are sure this ride will be your favorite ride at the one and only Bond Gardens.












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I said it was a B&M type version of Titan. Giavanola is Defunct so I picked B&M. I liked the Giavanola trains so the Bond Gardens board and I bought some old ones from Six Flags and used them for The Olympian's Chariot. That is why It is a partly Giavanola coaster. Coaster=B&M. Train=Giavanola. Design=Giavanola& Bolliger and Mabillard. sorry for the confusion.

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