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[NL] Gwardar - Huge Terrain Woodie! [NL]

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Gwardar is a massive wooden coaster inspired by Voyage and other large terrain coasters. This is a track I worked on several years ago and never had the opportunity to share. It makes use of the great terrain as well as some really awesome tunnels! I also did a lot of the supports on my own.


Gwardar is a species of snake that is very deadly. Hence the giant snake tunnel.




Hope you enjoy!



Third and final tunnel


First tunnel - The Giant Snake




Turnaround before MCBR


Second tunnel exit

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OK, it works now. Thanks.


This coaster is pretty good. The layout is spectacular. There's a lot of airtime and great pacing. You did good work on the "underground" tunnels, and the snake tunnel is really cool.


But: There are some G spikes. A few spots have too many negative G's, and a couple of turns have laterals that are too high. One turn actually spikes around 3 lateral G's, though it's only for a split second. But that's still too much at all.


I don't think you should have tires in the station. Few wooden coasters do. Your turns after the station before the lift hill are banked, which seems unnecessary. There's not enough speed there to need that amount of banking, if any. The top of your lift hill is strange. The track turns slightly to the right before turning left into the first drop. Was that an error? It seems out of place.


When you E-stop a train in the block brakes halfway through the ride, the first couple of cars are heading down the drop. They should be level to make evacuation easier.


The first half of the ride is good. Good tunnels, good airtime. Though one of the spots is sort of weird. The downward slope before the turn into the block brake is hard to describe, but it doesn't feel right. It appears to bank slightly to the left (C-roll on?) before dropping and banking to the right. This is easier to spot in the back seat.


The return run is good up to a point. The hill after the S-turn is pretty dull. It's just a gradual upslope and a gradual downslope taken slowly and with no airtime. That's followed by another S-turn into a drop into the last tunnel. That drop had so much potential, but it didn't take advantage. I felt it should have been steeper so there was airtime in it, but there's no air at all. It's just a drop into a tunnel.


The finale's good until the run under the lift hill. I feel like it should have ended after the second big turn. The airtime/lateral turn followed by the ground-hugging turn and quick turn to the left is a great way to end it. But then it's forgotten because it meanders around, under a bridge (why is this there?) and into the brakes.


Then after the brakes you have that 20-degree-banked turn. Why are you banking every turn? The brakes slow it down enough that it doesn't need banking.


Your custom support work is pretty nice, but it's like you gave up on some places. You've got lateral supports in most spots, but a few of your high-banked turns have no extra supports. Why did you put supports in the right turn before the block brakes but none in the left turn immediately after? I think you should have had some lateral supports in the big turn through the tunnel. Why do you have the big steel-coaster supports in your lift hill? I notice that you place them in spots where the supports meet, but they just look out of place.


But it is a good coaster. The airtime's good when it's not too much, and the layout, for the most part, is really good. I can tell that Voyage inspired this. Good work.

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Thank you for the review, haux.


To answer most of your comments, this was a track I worked on for a long time in 2007. I stopped using NL when that semester began and never got back into it unfortunately. I always wanted to finish this but my NL skills have probably diminished a whole lot since then. I did still want to share it with everyone.


Everything you say is right though. The awkward drop before the run into the mcbr was an attempt at creativity. It rides a little weird but seems like it could be fun. I know it sounds like a cop-out to the criticisms, but I just never got around to finishing this. Hence the unfinished supports in places, the lone bridge that was the beginning of some themeing attempts, and so on.


Thanks again for the input though, much appreciated!

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