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Winter Wonderland [RCT2]

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Hello. Ive started on an xmas park that I put all my effort into and see what happens. I know the name sucks (name suggestions are great). I needed an outlet for my holiday vibs since Im 5 hours from home and this is the best that I can come up with. So, here is the progress so for (and I aplogize in advance, I've gone a little nuts with the lights on the buildings and scenery, Im just like that) :


This is the main office on the left and the monorail and another ride are in the building on the right.


This the "hotsprings" (wavepool) that is ontop of the mountains.


Here is the station for Jack Frost (woodie) and the ice rink that is enclosed on the lower level.


Jack Frost layout. (To much on the blue supports?)


The launch coaster that I need someone to merge for me. (PM please) I have a theme but that is for later.


What Im currently working on at the moment.

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I agree with both of the above post.


Nice use of the angle supports on the Jack Frost coaster. Love the tennis court and the perfect use of the Matterhorn wall set. I think that last coaster pictured would look better if you either smoothed out the hill to one steepness or made it a double drop.


The only thing in all the pictures that is bothering me is that Dippin Dots stall. It just does not fit in.

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