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Christmas Gifts for Coaster Enthusiasts

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If you're buying a Christmas gift for a fellow coaster enthusiast, finding the right one isn't exactly easy. I've gathered a few possible gift ideas for that special patch jacket wearing friend. Feel free to add to the list! I'm sure I'm missing quite a few.



What better way to start this list: The latest installment of TPR's "Roller Coasters: In the Raw" series, Volume 5 is available for only $9.99 in the Theme Park Review store. The DVD features raw, music-free coaster footage of more than 30 coasters from across the globe. This is a great gift or stocking stuff for any coaster enthusiast.


Do you like assembling your Christmas presents? The Lego Carousel is right up your alley. It's a bit pricey at $249.99 on Amazon, but the carousel "spins and plays music while the horses and swing boats move up and down." This is the perfect addition for any special edition collection.


Are you looking for a gift for someone who enjoys reading up on history? The Holiday World is the perfect gift! The Images of America series showcases historic photos of amusement parks, towns, etc. The Holiday World edition is no different! I own several books in the series and I have thoroughly enjoyed each book. The book is available for around $17 on Amazon. Or you can get get a personalized, autographed copy signed by Pat Koch herself if you order through Holiday World's website!


The Theme Park game is great for all gamers with a Nintendo DS gaming system. For around $40 on Amazon, you get a miniature amusement park tycoon game in the palm of your hand. As the product features state, you can "control everything, from the speed of your rides to the amount of ice in your drinks."


Another great book for any readers is the American Amusement Park book. The "photographic retrospective distills more than 100 years of the sights, sounds, smells and thrills associated with the American amusement park." The book is available for around $112 on Amazon.


The Rollercoasters 2011 wall calendar is a great way to keep up with important dates while also showcasing your love for coasters. "This calendar features 12 of the hottest roller coasters of today." The Rollercoasters calendar is available for $12.97 on Amazon.


You can view a few more gift ideas here.

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Hmm, obviously it depends on the person, since some people aren't nerdy enough to want anything park-related, and some want anything and everything, and some have niche interests that might mean nothing to most other enthusiasts.


So I'll just make a list of what I might potentially be interested in.

(Feel free to PM me for my address. Just kidding...)


--Anything from TPR

--Payment for Club TPR renewal

--Coaster trip (this could mean anything from a fat check to a specific trip with the giver)

--Books on any subject relating to the hobby (coaster, park, fair, industry, etc.)

--Anything else with great photos or history information


--Tasteful posters, artwork or decor

--Merchandise such as t-shirts (the less tacky the better...in most cases, anyway)

--A roller coaster


Yeah, I'm not expecting much of this unless I put in a specific request or just use gift money to buy it. But maybe my brainstorming will help other gift-givers.

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--Coaster trip (this could mean anything from a fat check to a specific trip with the giver)


I can't offer fat checks, but if you deceide to come down to Texas for the new Giant, I'll meet you there


You might even be able to talk me into some sight seeing

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The coaster/ride ornaments they were selling at Cedar Point were really nice. Painted on thin brass. I wish I had bought more than just the one, but it was the Maverick one, and that's all that counted, for myself. They had several different merry-go-round/carousel horses, too. A good number of them were sold in the Breakers Hotel Gift Shop.


Can't wait to hang it on the tree, this holiday season.

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Wow, talk about a blast from the past.


I promise I didn't pay this guy to bump my thread. But while it's on page one...


I did just publish a book about Memphis' former Libertyland amusement park. It's great for coaster and/or Memphis history fanatics:




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