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Mitch Hawker 2010 poll

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Instructions: http://www.ushsho.com/steel_instructions_2010.txt

The actual Ballot is here: http://www.ushsho.com/steelballot2010.txt.

The Excel version is here: http://www.ushsho.com/steelballot2010.xls


Web Based Online Ballot Creator! (EASY!!!): http://www.wardleystunnels.org/hawker/


Here is my "top 25" list - as you can see I do use the group method for some of them:

1 - Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

2 - Goliath - Walibi World

3 - Bizarro - SF New England

3 - Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion

4 - Fly Over Mediterranea - Happy Valley Chen

4 - Kawasemi - Tobu Zoo

4 - Mega-Lite - Happy Valley Song

4 - Piraten - Djurs Sommerland

5 - iSpeed - Mirabilandia

5 - Kumba - Busch Gardens Afri

6 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

7 - Eagle's Fortress - Everland

8 - Winjas - Fear - Phantasialand

8 - Winjas - Force - Phantasialand

9 - SheiKra - Busch Gardens Afri

10 - Mindbender - Galaxyland Amuseme

10 - Olympia Looping - Traveling

11 - Dragon Khan - Port Aventura

12 - Pyrenees - Parque EspaNa

13 - Montu - Busch Gardens Afri

14 - Euro-Mir - Europa-Park

15 - Dueling Dragons-Fire - Islands of Adventu

15 - Dueling Dragons-Ice - Islands of Adventu

15 - Superman Escape - Warner Bros. Movie

16 - Tele2 Insane - Grona Lund

17 - Dive Coaster - Happy Valley Song

17 - Dive Machine - Chimelong Paradise

18 - Ride of Steel - Darien Lake

19 - Atlantis Adventure - Lotte World

20 - Hollywood Rip Ride Ro - Universal Studios

21 - Fav Ultratwister - Any Park Anywhere

21 - Katun - Mirabilandia

21 - Shockwave - Six Flags Over Tex

21 - Wild Train - E Strasswalchen

22 - Storm Runner - Hersheypark

22 - Tornado - Bakken

23 - Furius Baco - Port Aventura

25 - Behemoth - Canadas Wonderland

25 - Mindbender - Six Flags Over Geo

25 - Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City

25 - Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios

25 - Saw - The Ride - Thorpe Park

25 - Steel Hawg - Indiana Beach

25 - Superman - Ride of St - Six Flags America

25 - XCelerator - Knott's Berry Farm


Of course my "Bottom ten"

50 - Dragon - Adventureland

51 - Screamin Squirrel - Mysterious Island

51 - Sequoia Adventure - Gardaland

52 - Huracan - Belantis

53 - Space Mountain - Disneyland Paris

54 - Cobra - Tivoli Friheden

55 - Dodonpa - Fujikyu HighLands

56 - Eejanaika - Fujikyu HighLands

57 - Iron Wolf - Six Flags Great Am

58 - Spinning Batman - Shijingshan Beij.

59 - Manhattan Express - New York New York

60 - Goudurix - Parc Asterix

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There are several online helpers that are posted on mitch's site if you don't want to do it in notepad. I also don't see how it would take 2 hours - I started from scratch this year, had 150 lines to order, and it took my like 30-40 mins.

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Those instructions are way too complex. Why can't this be web-based? I don't have 2 hours to fill out a text based survey that will be thrown out because of a syntax error.

If you weren't willing to read 4 sentences into my post then you certainly wouldn't last filling out the text version of the ballot!


The 4th sentence was the link to the web-based ballot: Web Based "Helper" program (EASY!!!): http://www.wardleystunnels.org/hawker/



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Ballot sent! I voted 80 of my 156 steelies!


01. Favorite wood (Coaster, Playland)

01. X2

02. Titan

03. Aftershock

04. Goliath, SFMM

05. Medusa

06. Tatsu

07. Raging Bull

08. Mr. Freeze, SFOT

09. California Screamin'

10. Mamba

11. Powder Keg

12. Favorite Batclone (B:TR, SFOT)

13. Mr. Freeze, SFStL

14. Steel Hawg

15. Poltergeist

16. Flight Deck, CGA

17. Steel Eel

18. Wildfire

19. Shock Wave

20. Deja Vu

21. Silver Bullet

22. Riddler's Revenge

23. Favorite powered coaster (Fire In The Hole)

24. Patriot

25. Superman: Krypton Coaster

26. Montezooma's Revenge


28. Scream!

29. Viper, SFMM

30. V2: Vertical Velocity

31. Steel Venom

32. Favorite Invertigo (Invertigo, CGA)

33. Space Mountain, DLR

34. Superman: Ultimate Flight, SFGAm

35. Wild Thing, VF

36. Dragon, Adventureland

37. Vertical Velocity

38. Favorite spinner (Ragin' Cajun)

39. Iron Wolf

40. Texas Tornado

41. Vortex, CGA

42. Ice Mountain Bobsled

43. Dark Knight, SFGAm

44. Favorite wild mouse (Psycho Mouse, CGA)

45. Mine Train, SFOT

46. ThuNderaTion

47. Quicksilver Express

48. Favorite Windstorm (Runaway Mountain)

49. Road Runner Express, SFFT

50. Journey to Atlantis, SWSD


76. Favorite Mack SuperSplash (Journey to Atlantis, SWSA)

77. Favorite Jet Star (Tig'rr, Indiana Beach)

78. Ninja, SFStL

79. Favorite Wildcat (Wildcat, Puyallup Fair)

80. Pony Express

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I find it really interesting that FIVE B&M hypers places in a row, with SEVEN of them being within eight spots (Montu is in the middle of the seven).


But other than that...I agree...go Intamin!

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The rankings look great!! I just really wish more people would vote, especially the big hitters, it'd be soooooo nice to see valid comparisons for some of the more "out of the way" rides.


Gosh I love "new-Hawker-poll-posting" days!!

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I find it really interesting that FIVE B&M hypers places in a row, with SEVEN of them being within eight spots (Montu is in the middle of the seven).


But other than that...I agree...go Intamin!

My rankings are almost the exact same way, all my B&M hypers are practically one after the other.

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Yay! I'm pleased with the results, and don't see anything surprising that I strongly disagree with. A lot of my favorites, even the less popular ones, are respectably ranked. Plus Dragon at Adventureland made a little jump!


If you want to stalk my ballot, find "Laura". I am a complete idiot and managed to get four of my coasters thrown out!

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Good to see that one of the ten best steel coasters in the world is only about an hour away from my house. Congratulations to Kings Dominion and I305!

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I don't know, that Top 10 looks eerily similar to Robb's Top 10, I call foul play. I think Robb used his power and influence to manipulate the votes again, how else would The Hulk or Space Mountain or Magnum XL-200 not make the Top 10?

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The Intamin dominance frustrates me personally, as there's more to a good coaster than major airtime and so on, plus a bit of quality theming never went amiss. That said, EGF (the only coaster in the top 5 I have been on) is superb - particularly the first drop.


I am glad to see Blue Fire remain high - I thought it could falter somewhat in its second season, but it's stayed at an impressive #14.


A few more words for Nemesis though. Once again, highest looping coaster, highest non-Intamin Airtime etc. coaster, highest B&M plus it's far older than anything above it.


Nemesis owns.


Th13teen LOL.

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Things that suprise me



1. Black Mamba seems ridiculously high to me. Of the B&M inverts I've ridden, it's definitely the least forceful and shortest. Theming is great, but there's also a surplus of well-themed inverts out there.


2. There were a lot more coasters that failed the ridership requirements this year, which is Mitch's decision of course. What I found weird was the number of coasters that didn't have enough comparisons while coasters at the same park did have enough. Coasters at Space World, Freestyle Music Park, Magic Springs, Kennywood, Dreamworld and more had this happen. Seems an odd phenomenon.


3. Euro-Mir is far too low. Maybe people dislike the cheesiness. I found it pretty awesome.


4. Olympia Looping and the Mindbenders just seem to me like they would rank a little higher. Higher than Thunder Dolphin, at least.


5. The Mega-Lites should be ranked together, as "Fav Mega-Lite." The two that made the poll ranked next to each other, and the two that didn't probably would have landed in the same space. It's the same layout and the same experience, clearly


6. Congrats to the Zamperla Volare for really sucking!

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