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Mitch Hawker 2010 poll

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Here's what I came up with...


The Voyage Holiday World IN,y,y,1

The Legend Holiday World IN,y,y,2

The Boss Six Flags St Louis MO,y,y,3

The Beast Kings Island OH,y,y,4

Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,5

Twisted Twins-L (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,6

Raven Holiday World IN,y,y,7

Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St Louis MO,y,y,8

Twisted Twins-S (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,9

Racer Kings Island OH,y,y,10

Fairly Odd Coaster Kings Island OH,y,y,11

Son of Beast (SBNO) Kings Island OH,y,n,12


Submitted back on the 11th, confirmed on the 13th! That ballot helper came in handy!

Voyage ran GREAT on opening day! A couple weeks later...

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Mitch Hawker's Wood Coaster Poll RESULTS!


Here are the results of the 2010 Mitch Hawker Wood Coaster Poll:


Top 25

1t. El Toro - SFGAd

1t. T Express - Everland

3. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce

4. Phoenix - Knoebel's

5. Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer

6. The Voyage - Holiday World

7. Balder - Liseberg

8. Colossos - Heide Park

9. Aska (S) - Nara Dreamland

10. Fireball - Happy Valley Song

11. Troy - Toverland

12. Prowler - Worlds of Fun

13. El Toro - Freizeitpark Plohn

14. Thunderhead - Dollywood

15. Rampage - Alabama Adventure

16. Thunderbird - PowerPark

17. Tremors - Silverwood

18. Renegade - Valleyfair!

19. Hades - Mount Olympus

20. Ozark Wildcat(SBNO) - Celebration City

21. Raven - Holiday World

22. Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure

23. Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix

24. Evel Knievel - Six Flags St Louis

25. Joris en de Draak W - de Efteling


Bottom 10

171. Predator - Darien Lake

172. Antelope - Gulliver's World

173. Mean Streak - Cedar Point

174. Lil' Dipper - Camden Park

175. Magnus Colossus - Terra Mitica

176. The Bandit - Movie Park

177. Coaster-Express - Parque Warner Madrid

178. Son of Beast (SBNO) - Kings Island

179. The Grizzly - Great America

180. Anaconda - Walygator Parc


For the full results and completed ballots please visit Mitch Hawker's site:


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Okay, here's my analysis of the Top 6:


1 (tie). El Toro: This ride kicks a$$. It deserves to be #1.

1 (tie). T Express: Never been on it, but it looks awesome!

3. Boulder Dash: My #1 coaster. I love this ride.

4. Phoenix: This is as good as classic wooden coasters get. Not to mention the insane amounts of .

5. Ravine Flyer II: Someday, I will ride this.

6. The Voyage: There are many fanboys crying inside right now.


Some other things to note:


~I really wish that Boardwalk Bullet and Lakeside Cyclone were ranked higher.

~I may be alone when I say this, but I honestly hated Coney Island Cyclone. I'm only 15, and my back hurt for two weeks after riding. How does it score in the Top 50? (I'm sure they gave the ACErs free Nathan's Hot Dogs when they visited. )

~ I can't stress how happy I am about El Toro, Boulder Dash, and Phoenix. Those rides are as good as a wooden coasters get. It's great to be able to say that I've been on 3 of the top 4!

~I think the "TPR Bump" went really far this year. Voyage in #6? El Toro and T-Express at #1? Colossos at it's best ever rank?

Edited by Big-M
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Not too surprising. But...


I'm sure we'll see Prowler drop a few more spaces next year as well.


I am surprised to see Rampage down at #15.


I guess Hades has gotten way too rough.


And what's up with TdZ down at #23?? That's really puzzling.


Joris en de Draak at 25?? Granted, I haven't ridden it, but that seems a bit high.



And HOORAY for Anaconda!! It's finally in it's rightful place BELOW Grizzly!!




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I can hear the wails of the Voyage fanboys all the way down here in Australia, music to my ears.


My top 5 were almost the same except for T-Express which I haven't ridden - I had Balder in the No. 1 spot, being the only major difference, and Phoenix and Boulder Dash around the other way.


I think Prowler was rated way too high - stir, stir....


I say well done to Mitch on another great poll, and I think the results are a fairly good representation of the genuine preferences of the coaster community.

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^Personally, I thought Prowler was way too low. First GCI that I've absolutely LOVED!


My comment was tongue in cheek, in reference to fanboy fervor for Prowler. I haven't been on Prowler - but I like to say it's the worst coaster I've never been on, just to make fun of the whole thing. I'm sure if I'd ridden it I'd have it around the same rank as Kentucky Rumbler and the GCI in Finland.


Korea is relatively easy for me to get to, closer than the US by a long shot, I think I need to become a Seoul brother at Everland.

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I'm pretty surprised to see Hades within the top 20, especially after hearing all the negativity towards after the rides in August.

Other than that, I think these results look fantastic, and it's one of the first times where I've felt the results truly correspond with what people really think and say about the rides!


Bring on the steel poll!

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Not too surprising. But...


Joris en de Draak at 25?? Granted, I haven't ridden it, but that seems a bit high.




GCIs usually rank highest in their opening years and then fall slightly and hold for future years.

Just an observation...

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I'm very pleasantly surprised with this year's top billings. I personally have Boulder Dash and El Toro switched, but both kick all sorts of ass and I can't blame anyone for putting El Toro ahead.


And having four of the top five wooden coasters within a day's drive is endlessly cool.

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I'm really happy to see that Boulder Dash was only 2 votes behind El Toro...easily my favorite coaster wood or steel (dash).


Also, Legend at #41 is way too low IMO...it's a pretty powerful ride.


But also...Rattler isn't in the bottom 10! Woohoo!


Also, where in the world are Cornball Express and New Mexico Rattler? Such amazing rides!

Edited by Jakizle
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GCIs usually rank highest in their opening years and then fall slightly and hold for future years.

Just an observation...

OMG! Don't you dare say that! You'll have all the MidWest Nutjobs stalking and harassing you!!!


Remember, that is the EXACT same thing that Elissa said about Prowler that started all that insanity from those crazy midwest wackos.


--Robb "Oh, yeah, and it turns out Elissa was right!" Alvey

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I thought Joris was nice but I didn't rate it highly because I prefer thrills, and it is more a larger junior coaster.


One thing that only partly comes out in the poll is when people rode the coaster. For instance I have Hades up fairly high because I had some amazing night rides in 2007 but I haven't ridden it since. On the same token, I had very mediocre rides on Voyage in 2007 and haven't ridden it since either.


I can only base my ballot on the exeperiences I had, if I hear a coaster has deteriorated since I rode it I can't take that into account, because i haven't had that experience.

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