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[RCT2] Sunny Thrills

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If you're deadset on a woodie, perhaps try something more classic like an out and back? With the boardwalk nature this park seems to have it would fit really well. If you're not against it, perhaps a mega-lite esque intamin would do well.

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Am I the only one here that actually likes the wooden coaster? It makes the park feel like a more traditional park. On another note, the Arrow coaster looks like it takes up way more space than the woodie. Maybe if you tried a more compact layout for that, the other rides wouldn't look as cramped.


The park seems a bit on the small side. Maybe utilize space a bit by putting rides on top of rides (like Indiana Beach or Blackpool).


A launch coaster would be great running above some of the coasters/rides. Add some more foliage to make the different areas look a little less bare.


Overall I really like the woodie! Maybe it's just me.

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This is a layout of a woodie not in the park but I wanted to post it here rather then the preview thread. I really have no idea what manufacturer would make this actual coaster but it had nice pacing and some nice moments so I wanted to post it here to see if the people would approve for use in a park of mine.


It's very short really. 1 minutes 15 seconds but with around 3200" track length. It goes through all hilltops and turns at a comfortable pace of 30~40mph an hour. I'd wish the ride was longer by slowing down the lift but then I'd lose the dueling moment (it is 1 coaster yes)


Anyway on to the screens. Colors are very subject to change.


PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you think about the coaster. If I should scrap it or if you have advice for tweaks or major re-arrangement.





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Hey. First, great layout. I like it.


On the layout being longer, what about a ravine or "dip" in the land after your dueling element (fabulous idea I might add) to make it gain more speed to make it longer?


What Im taking about but on a MUCH larger scale... lol.


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I don't think the launch track is a problem - you can launch any roller coaster through any launch section with enough power, and as long as the acceleration is around 1.6-ish backward Gs, it's fine. The top hat isn't very tall.

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you can still have an intamin accelerator in the park, just you would need to change the placement of the ride for the best layout:


1) delete the original layout.

2) build the station facing perpendicular to the red arrow's station

3) then have the track turn towards the beach, the beach is perfect for a tophat and there should be enough space between the station and the beach to make a decently long launch segment, plus the launch will be right over the midway (bonus point)

4) After that, It's all up to you in what to do with the rest of the layout.

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