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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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Ok, sorry if this ends up being a double post, but I wanted to differentiate this guess post with my comment from above.


Possibly instead of Qatar, they could be/could have been in Saudi Arabia.

4th picture in the 14th clue set, not looking at the ride, kind of has a similar look to the skyline I've Googled on the Persian Gulf side of Saudi Arabia. (Also using the 2nd and 3rd pictures to see some of the architecture, and heights of the buildings, as these buildings do not look no where near has high as Dubai.)


I'm stumped as to what park it might be. I've googled some places, but all the websites turn out to be not working, or under construction, so it's hard to find information perspective pictures of these amusement parks.


Red escalator Google Search I came up with Sweden or Switzerland as a country that has red escalator. Could the red escalator be in the IKEA that was in an earlier set of clues?


ETA: in the second set of clues when the shoe lace is tied to the left, could that mean East, as when people make a little compass and stick East on the left, so if the Shoelace was on the east side, it could be because you were heading to the Middle East?


I think I'm rambling now. Off to analyze more pictures.

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OK, you guys were definitely in Dubai Mall, took pictures of this Taco Bell, and proceeded to eat at Baja Fresh (which looked delicious by the way).

Taco Bell in Dubai Mall (These are different from the one posted)

EDIT: Similarities: The TV on the right is there. Menu looks the same (4 sections). Green surroundings. Even the vents and lights are the same.

Pic from trip:

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@bigdipper- Regarding the skyscrapers.. I felt the same way as you .. I don't know exactly where that ride is, but after a bunch of googling, I'm pretty sure its in shajar looking at dubai.. Google eye of the emirates and look at those photos.. I'd like to hear your ideas...


@sspazz- Thats the same logic I've used to come to some of my guesses.. keep going!

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Hmm, I do believe I am a lurker...as I have been for 2 years...sad I know. (I had an account but I cannot for the life of me remember it)


Well, Fujiyama is in Burjuman Centre in Dubai. Along with Fun City, why? Because that ride looks sorta like one at Fun City, but this is all a shot in the dark, well, other than Fujiyama being where it is.

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@Chroniq, I'd say Sharjah is as good a guess as any. Every building that I've seen on Google that are Sharjah-ish look a lot like the buildings in question.


And on Bing Maps, I just found two buildings and a parking garage (I think) in the middle of a deserted spot just off of 101 Street at near roundabout. Perhaps it's the same as this??156085_10150346179210370_681415369_16128483_8117939_n.jpg


I'd do more sleuthing, but it's 10:30 here, and I have class in the morning.


The buildings in question... now that I looked at it again, maybe they don't quite line up right...

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You were in the Abu Dhabi Mall Pizza Hut.

I went in the pizza hut website, into UAE locations. There are 10 locations in Abu Dhabi, only 7 of them offer dine-in option, and in the picture you are clearly dining in. In the picture you can see you are clearly in a mall, and all of the 7 locations are in the street, except for 2. One is in the Abu Dhabi Mall, and after visiting it's site, the architecture and window style match that of the picture.

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C'mon TPR.. I'd like to hear your guesses! please?

Me too! Is Chroniq the only one left playing now? I have to be honest, it's a little disappointing to us that so many people seem to have given up. Part of the fun of this thread is hearing what everyone's thinks.


If people stop playing, we are just going to assume that TPR isn't interested in something like this and we just won't do it again in the future. If you all are bored with it, that's fine, just tell us and we'll stop...


--Robb "A little bummed..." Alvey

I thought about it so hard earlier that I've gone completely brain-dead. I'll try again soon, I just have to get caught up on all the pictures and which ones have already been located first

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You were also at Baniyas Children's Park, because searching for an outdoors red coaster in RCDB I only found one, too large to match the one in the picture, BUT there was one that had no pictures, and after searching for the park in google maps, I saw the coaster (very blurry BTW) in it.

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Ok, here's a few more clues that should make things a little easier...




That's a lot of "fat!"


Pretty! But what is it???


Tron is everywhere now!


It's just like being in Japan!


Feels like Epcot... Sounds like?


Another cool looking building...but what is it?


How come no one guessed what park this is it??? Not a single mention of it so far!


C'mon TPR! Tell me what coaster this is!


This one REALLY sucked!!!




Can someone tell me what this is and when I last rode it?


Where are we now?


"The claaaaww!!!"


This is cool looking...but where is it?


Here's another shot of that mystery coaster!


We literally were the ONLY CAR in the lot!


Not joking! Here's the rest if the lot! But where is this place?


Bonus points if someone can tell me what is similar...but different about this set of photos versus the last set!



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Well, if you're not in Arrakis, you're in the United Arab Emirates in Sharjah. The buildings in the background with the ball on top is one of their signature new office buildings, I believe. I couldn't tell you where that mystery red coaster is... but the interior coaster, the cool looking one, is Quantum Leap, Adventureland, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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The Dubai Mall Hershey's store! What other store would sell Jolly Rancher pillows?

Trip pic:

Comparison Pic:

Good! This is more of the kind of thing I was hoping you guys would figure out.


Seriously, the pictures we've posted have not been that hard!

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One difference in the pics is that they show more. Also, you guys look terrified on the one ride.

Well, duh!


If you look at the two sets of pictures side by side, and you know what you're looking at, you'll probably get the common difference between most of them!

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