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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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Ok, from the next set of pics that are going up on Facebook.


If I am to believe the last clue of set 11, they have moved on their way to Bahrain.


First picture in Set 12, Elissa at Pizza Hut and go to http://www.pizzahut-me.com/English/FindMyPizzaHut_SelectLocation.html you can see that Bahrain is on that list, but so is UAE as well, where they just were, so that could be a red herring. (editing in, Yep, even in the Middle East their Pizza Hut's are better than ours in the US).


The architecture shots, I have no clue about.

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More clues. And remember...there's a new rule!


To get totally caught up with ALL the photos posted, click HERE!!!


New Rule

Ok, since I think most of you know now where we are...we are going to change things up a little bit! Here's how this is going to work...


On this trip we are going to be visiting about 20 to 25 different "locations." I am not going to tell you which of these we are considered a "location" or not. That is for YOU to decide!


For each location you get right. You'll get one point! You HAVE to show your work! Random guesses DO NOT COUNT! The more you show your work, the more "bonus" point that can be awarded! So it's going to be best if you tell us not only where you think we are but WHY you think we are there!!!


Today Robb & Elissa visited at least 7 "locations"...maybe 8... maybe 9??? You tell TPR how many locations they visited!!!


"A new Pizza Hut country credit for us! But which country? Hmm...."


We are someplace new!!! Where could we be now?


Not quite as interesting architecture as in Dubai.


Where in the World is this credit at???


Hey! I worked on that game!


Where in the world would you see a RED escalator?


Yay! Elissa gets a new McDonalds country credit!


Spongebob... After a heroin, cocaine, and herpes-infested prostitute bender!


Where is this ride at?


Oh good. I needed to see how much I had in my checking account.


We have teleported ourselves to TPR's favourite park... Fuji-Q!


Fuji-Q's ride-on Pandas sure do look pissed off! I guess I'd be pissed off too if I lived in Fuji-Q!


Interesting reaction! But what does it mean???


We found an area with nicer buildings.


We have entered "no laptop zone!"


Looks cool, but no dark rides for us today!


Snakes...why did it have to be snakes.


What is you're just half baked?


Elissa! Why are you so blue???


**NOT!!!** Elissa friendly!!!


Yay! New country McDonalds credit!


Crazy theming in this place!


I'm just trying to fit in with the locals.


Can someone tell me why there is a shower in here???


It's not blurry, this kiddie coaster actually goes 80MPH!


On the road again...but were to now???


Now THAT is my kind of pirate ship!


Wherever this place is...we are the only ones here!


Hmmm.... I am sure I've seen this some place before...


All the rides here were closed. ALL of them!


They had lovely fountains here.


"Don't fall in that hole!"


The onride photos here are amazing!


So THAT is what they look like under here.


I have no words.


Yay! We are at a Disney park! But which one?


Hooray! We get to ride another Intamin! Where could we be???


Wow! What is this place???


Hey Santa! What's up?


OMG! The Demolition Man prophecy is coming true!




Mmmm...yummy salsa!


OMG!!! That looks amazing!!!

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All right you've been in the Middle East for several days, yet we haven't see you two at Wild Wadi! What is going on!


Enough with the roller coasters credits etc... Lets move on to some of the most amazing Water Parks this country has to offer.


I do hope that you also get to visit that great indoor ski slope as well. (It looks like a lot of fun)


Thanks for visiting this far off destination! Many of us can only dream about the destinations you visit, thanks for sharing your adventures with the rest us!

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The red family coaster is deffinetly at the Sparkys Fun Center in Khalidiyah Mall.

If you were there I assume you must have got the Shark Coaster at Marinia Mall and maybe the tiny kiddie one a Mazayad Mall too.



I think you went to 7 places


PS: did you try the McArabia at Mcdonalds? Soooo good

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I've got a few answers so far.


You were at Space City in Dubai and Rode the Satelite Coaster - I used what is probably the hardest picture to figure out (the one with the red floor and what looks like volcano or fire and the title is "interesting reaction and what does it mean?) and compared it to pictures of the floor of satelite coaster from RCDB and looked at additional images on two photo hosting sites. I also believe the photo entitled "Crazy theming in this place is from" is also from space city based on the images I viewed.


I also think you went to Aladdins Kingdom in Qatar (possibly the new country credit). There aren't many photos of Aladdin's Kingdom on the internet (even DubaiDave's trip report wasn't helpful because it was "ladies day".. The picture of Robb in front of a Camel has the words "Wonder caves" behind that but which could refer to where Aladdin find's the lamp.. Also the crudely drawn picture of people on a white coaster track looks like it could be an artistic interpretation of the boomerang there.. Either way the park looks bad, but not FantaZy Land bad, so I'm going with that.

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I'm sure you went to the dubai mall, as a google search shows the only Fujiyama in Dubai there.. I believe you went to Sega Republic because,the picture that says "dino dash" looks to either be from a video/redemption game the manufacturer has confirmed is there or alternatively it might be a sign from the "Wild tours" ride.. As the lettering style is similiar.


I believe the snake pictures are from the creepie crawlers floor of the Dubai aquarium which is also located in the dubai mall. Figured this out after reading as much as I could about the dubai mall.

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