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Ocean Kingdom in China

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^^^What Chuck said is correct. Sometimes there were third world shanty towns outside our window in Beijing. The government is modernizing by leveling a lot of the bad looking inner city neighborhoods and then putting the residents in newly built apartments. However, it is all cosmetic. It's putting pig on a cow.

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I remember how at one of our nice, 5-star hotels, our room had a beautiful view not only of the city, but also of the decrepit, decaying old high rise next door. It was such an odd mix of "new hotness" with "old and busted."


I think that was Wuhan which suffered from a quake a few years ago and I suspect that the building was a casualty of it.

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I would love to see if Mack could make one of their Super Splashes more than just what they are. It would be nice if they could do that reverse section into maybe a helix and a mini splash down then they would hit an elevator or something and do the big splash once they reach the top of the drop. Basically can they do a super splash in the layout of one of their smaller water coasters or does the size/shape of the super splash boat negate any type of diving turns?


As it is the ride looks great, and I'm curious to see what kind of show elements will be inside the reversing sections of the ride.

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Hundreds of workers are racing against time along a new, palm-lined road leading to the southeastern section of the Hengqin New Area, next to Macau, to put the final touches on Asia's largest theme park before its first phase opens to the public later this year.




This is the last picture I could find of construction, I'm wondering whether it will open this year or not. I've seen a ferry direct from Hong Kong mentioned in some articles but can't find any sort of proof of one.


From http://entertainmentdesigner.com/news/theme-park-design-news/chimelong-ocean-kingdom-to-open-in-late-2013/

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Wow all these structure look massive! I'm guessing a lot of money is being spent on this park. Does anyone know when this is supposed to be finished? I find it strange that the B&M is just waiting there for the rest of the park to be built.

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