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TR: Sun Island, Foshan Amusement Park and Zhongshan Park

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I woke up very early on November 28, 2010 to go to Guangzhou and Foshan in China's Guangdong province. I took the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and then took the metro up to Renhe station, which is close to Sun Island Amusement Park. When I got to Sun Island, I knew before going onto the parking lot that this park had closed a long time ago. The entrance still stands, but inside the park appears to be gardens (where they are growing vegetables) and people appear to be living on the park grounds. Needless to say, my day was not off to a good start.


I then took the train to Foshan where I visited Leigang Park. Leigang Park was home to an alpine coaster as well as a small amusement area. It appears that both have been removed as I walked through the entire park and didn't see a sign of either. The park is still a quiet place to go and relax.


After Leigang Park, I went to Foshan Amusement Park. They have a wild mouse coaster and a kiddie coaster here. Both coasters were fun. There is also a ferris wheel, train ride, moon cars and even a large water park at Foshan Amusement Park. Admission was free with rides costing 10 yuan each.


After finishing at Foshan Amusement Park, I took a short cab ride to Foshan's Zhongshan Park. There are Zhongshan Parks all over China and they are large city parks. Some Zhongshan Parks have amusement areas. There is an amusement area in Foshan's Zhongshan Park. The mouse coaster here become my 666th coaster. That is an odd milestone, but one I have to mark. There is also a powered coaster here, a log flume and several other rides. Admission to Zhongshan Park is free.


I had a great time at the parks and I am happy that the ride ops allowed me to use my camera on the coasters. Too bad the ride ops on Zhongshan's flume wouldn't allow me to take the camera on the ride. I guess water and cameras do not mix. If you are ever in Foshan, check out these parks.


Here is the entrance for Sun Island in Guangzhou. I was a few years too late. It closed a long time ago.


Here is Foshan Amusement Park. I have the feeling that not too many coaster nuts have heard of this place.


Just inside the gate is this nice ferris wheel.


Foshan Amusement Park also has this nice pirate ship ride


Here we have a ride called the Moon Cars. They are common at Chinese amusement parks.


Here is the entrance to Foshan Amusement Park's kiddie coaster


Here is a view of part of the layout of the kiddie coaster


Another shot of the layout


Heading up the lift. Thankfully cameras are allowed on rides at Foshan Amusement Park.


One more look at the kiddie coaster


Here is Foshan Amusement Park's Mouse


Foshan's Mouse


This is a good view of the mouse


Another look at the mouse


I took this on the lift hill


One more Mouse photo before I leave


Here is an entrance for Foshan's Zhongshan Park


I liked this waterfall in Zhongshan Park


Here is Zhongshan Park's Merry-Go-Round


Here is the entrance to Zhongshan's mouse-my 666th coaster


The mouse is headed up the lift


This friendly looking mouse is my 666th coaster.


Heading up the lift of my 666th coaster


A view of the mouse from the lift hill.


Here is another view of the mouse from the lift.


One more view from the lift.


Zhongshan Park in Foshan also had this powered Dragon coaster.


Here is a view of the Dragon at Zhongshan Park


One more look at Zhongshan Park's Dragon to finish my day.

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