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Grabowski Gardens(RCT3/WIP)

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Ok my past parks hve been bad, I am restarting the Grabowski Gardens idea as just a single park starting out small in the year 1998. The park will be updated by my pov.


It's 1998, and my family's park has been open for 3 years now and is doing great. I work there as an entertainer, but constantly help my parents with the park all together. We opened the park in Fort Wayne, IN(my home town) and it has done very well. Here's a few pictures I took with my camera around the park.


The original coaster, Wild Mouse


"Main Street", My brother, dad, and me built these from the ground up


The humble entrance


a couple small rides, Crazy House and an IMAX Theater


Black Hole


Black Hole is a Vekoma LIM coaster and was installed last year


Cyclone a classic coaster that was built by the Tippmann construction company and recieved donated PTC coaster cars, it is the new ride for this year


And finally me in the Leo the Leopord costume in front of the park's office

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It's 1999, and the summer is here. A lot of things have happened since last summer and it's really good. (On a personal note I removed the woodie cuz i hated it)


Entrance to Revolution Plaza


The Plaza and a rethemed Black Hole now called Revolution


The Plaza, sporting a couple shops and restraunts and a performance stage


The new "Cyclone" and the kiddie area



Cyclone, it turns out that a woodie is very expensive to run, so we tore it out and put in a steel coaster

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