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TPR SyFy Cinema Saturday Chat Room!

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Hey everyone!


If you remember the AWESOME chat room we had when our Mega Piranha chat a

few months ago, this one is going to be even BETTER!!!


Tomorrow night, Saturday November 27th, 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST, the SyFy

Cinema Saturday movie is "Triassic Attack!"



Movie Description: "A native America curse beings museum dinosaur skeletons

to murderous life and terrorizes a small college town!"




We will be in the TPR Chat room tomorrow while the movie is showing on the

SyFy channel to discuss and laugh at the amazement of this cinematic



Login to the TPR forum and click the "chat room" link or this URL:

http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/chat/index.php to join in the fun!


See you in the chat room Saturday night at 6pm (PST)/ 9pm (EST)!


--Robb Alvey



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^What state are you located in, because my COX in Orange County CA has SyFy. (Maybe it's part of my premium digital package) Sorry your going to miss out on some 'high quality' programing.


Now I just have to convince my girlfriend that we don't need to go out Saturday night, but instead need to watch Triassic Attack!


I missed the last TPR SyFy Chat Night, I must try to catch this one.

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Was watching Goldeneye on Thanksgiving and caught a commercial for this... when I went to record it on the DVR, it turns out my partner already had it recording... he lives, breathes and works dinosaurs (well... that last one is a given as he works, umm.. er.. is a "Doctor", at Jurassic Park at IOA after all...) Can't wait to see it...

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That's weird.


My comcast guide is telling me that "jurrasic park" is on.

No "triassic attack" for me


EDIT:I keep forgetting that you guys are on the west cost, and I am on the east coast. 3 Hour differance. It's going on 6 here, but it's only 3 in cali.

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If anyone reads this that is friends with Kristin Fielbig-Connolly (friend request as well) on facebook reads this and feels so inclined, please beg her to watch this film tonight. Sounds so much better than the dateline marathon she tivoed but I'm not winning this argument...




Chris "and she loves jurassic park" Connolly

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