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Black Friday


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I went to Walmart on Black Friday to buy a new TV.


But I went at 11 AM, and the TV was not a door buster. It was actually slower than it was the day before Thanksgiving when I went to a different one to buy the same TV, but they were out of stock.

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Oh dear lord, don't remind me of the haunting events of this year's Black Friday. Everything was a little hectic, but not too bad, until I saw the giant dog pile at Old Navy, made up by teenage girls so they could get their new stylin' ripped jeans on sale for 10% off.


*In check out line, larger-than-average lady walks cuts in line*










...it was all a blur to me. This is what went down (in my head, at least)

At least I got some of my shopping done...?

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With the dollar nearly at par, how could I not go shopping?

I went with my girlfriend's family for dinner and shopping in Michigan.


Left at 10:30pm for outlet mall, got their early and got a $10 gift card. Bought a pair of jeans at PacSun for $9.

Went to Walmart and picked up:

She's Out of Your League BluRay - $10

Get Him to the Greek BluRay - $10

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs BluRay - $10

HP: And the Half Blood Prince BluRay - $10

Big Bang Theory Season 3 DVD -$12


At Target got:

2TB External Hard Drive - $70

DS Lite - $80 (using price matching with Walmart ad)

Office Season 2 DVD - $13

Office Season 3 DVD - $13


At Best Buy got:

NHL 11 - $35 (my girlfriend technically bought it for me as a Christmas gift, so I don't get to play it for a month)


I was going to buy another TV, but I learned my lesson from last year and will buy a brand name TV here, likely on boxing day. I was also really hoping to pick up a deep fryer from Khols, but we never got around to going there. When I did eventually get there, the sale was off and they had stacks of them left...at their original $70 price.



Canadian retailers were trying everything to keep shoppers in Canada this weekend though. Sears were price matching anything from America as long as it was the same product and many other stores had their own Black Friday sales.

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I ended up at Walmart on Friday morning and they had some decent deals. I walked out with The Dark Knight and The Princess Bride on Blu-Ray and Platoon on DVD for all of $12. Pretty good deal for three movies, especially with two of them as Blu-Ray.

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^Wow....People are crazy... Almost seems animal-like, no kind of control whatsoever.

I've done the early Black Friday only twice my entire life. First round was a total nightmare... The Walmart store we visited barely had any breathing space, felt like I was barely tip-toeing just to get into the entrance of the store. After 5 minutes we left, grabbed breakfast somewhere, and hit up another store as the initial crowds died down.


Second experience was a polar opposite at another Walmart store. The store was practically dead, we had time to even stop at McDonalds before even beginning shopping.


I didn't do any early stuff this past Friday as I was at work anyway but ended up going to Walmart that evening and apparently things were still on sale. I managed to get 2 SanDisk 8-gig SDHC cards for just a little over $10. Each card was originally marked as $20 each. Initially buying just 1 card, I never knew they were on sale until they got rang up. After seeing the extremely low price, I had them get me another (they're locked up). So that's my Black Friday victory. I will say that the store was quite a mess with toys all over the floor, shoes scattered about, and everything else was simply thrashed. Nothing else really amazed me...as in is it really worth sitting outside in 30-degree air just to save $10 bucks on a $100 item? I'll pass.

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I was a machine tonight. Got done working at 9, was at Toys R Us shortly after they opened, picked up the PS3 and got over to Wal-Mart before the electronics went on sale at midnight, managed to pick up the TV and home theater system I wanted and get the heck out of there. It was definitely crazy, but I could see how it could be considered fun if you're there with friends (assuming you don't mind getting separated 4 seconds after getting there and intend to spend several hours at the place). I was going to go to Best Buy instead of Wal-Mart, but with all the people in the parking lot I figured I had a better chance at getting the Professor from Gilligan's Island to make me the TV I wanted out of bananas and coconuts than I did actually obtaining one at Best Buy for $199.

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Yeah, I can definitely see how it can be 'fun' with friends or family if you're not going for one of the big ticket items.


My mom and I went to Wal Mart at 10pm (got a little scary as people started tearing into the plastic wrap!), then Toys R Us, then Target for Midnight.


Target was actually the most disappointing as they didn't open till right at Midnight, due to the slow line let in we didn't get in till 12:10, then inside they didn't seem ready, they were missing at least two of the items on sale! The workers seemed really confused and panicking!

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I recall seeing people lined up outside of the Fry's Electronics near us (for those not firiliar with it, it's basically a walmart for everything electronic) and they were going to be offering 24 inch Plasma Screen TVs for like $99 and other insanely low prices.


I think Black Friday is just absolutely ridiculous, and seeing as people get KILLED every year because of it, I won't be participating anytime soon...

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Just bought an Xbox360 4gb w/ Kinect on Amazon with a $50 Amazon credit for $199.98. I already have an XBox, but no Kinect so between the $50 credit and flipping the 4GB system on EBay - I figure I'll end up with the Kinect for pretty much free.

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^And pepper spraying people to get what they wanted? Ugghhh...fail.


My Dad went to Wal-Mart for the laptop sale @ midnight...took one look at the line to get to electronics (that went the entire length of the store & then some) said "eff this", drove home & went to bed!

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I went shopping Friday afternoon because I was doing work on the house and needed a new tool. I ended up getting it half off and a few other deals at Harbor Freight and then continued onto Target and Christmas Tree Shops (a local chain). I didn't have any item in mind so I wasn't disappointed, I got few items for myself and a few gifts.

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