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Christmas wishlist 2010/Official list?


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No clue what I'm actually getting, as I don't normally make a list. However, per my fiancee's request, I did write down a few things this year. They include:


"Futurama" volume 5 on DVD

"The Boys" DVD (about the Sherman brothers)

"Waking Sleeping Beauty" DVD

"The Vault of Walt" book

"Why? Because We Like You" book (history of the original "Mickey Mouse Club")

"The Accidental Billionaires" book (on which the movie "The Social Network" was based)

Subsciption to "The Wrapper" (trading card collectors' magazine)

Idaho Spuds candy

Crimenilli dry-cured sausages


I told her to pick from it and surprise me. I'm sure I'll be getting some neat surprises from my parents. My dad is really good at finding great old stuff on eBay.

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"The Vault of Walt" book


I just got this today, as a late birthday present, it's great so far - a lot thicker than I was expecting. I actually got to hear Jim Korkis up close, talking WDW history at a fan event in the Beach Club a few weeks ago; his enthusiasm was fantastically palpable, just as it is on the podcasts I've heard him on.


Also, I would definitely have asked for Waking Sleeping Beauty, but I don't think they have any plans to release it in Region 2.

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So far, now that Xmas is here, many of us have probably gotten some gifts. I'll start posting what I've got so far...


-YoYoFactory Popstar (Ordered it Tuesday with a $50 Visa gift card I got from work, arrived today, surprised!)

-$50 Petco Gift Card, used towards a Bearded Dragon, now need a name for him. Any suggestions?

-$100 from a client I've been editing video for

-$20 from my uncle

-$10 from my sister


Will find out more soon!

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