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Christmas wishlist 2010/Official list?


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hey guy's well i know it's kind of early but i was wondering what are you getting for christmas=)!! i already got my two gifts early one:

A 32 inch LED HD TV which i love:D

A PS3 Slim 160GB


i got those two early because i'm going to visit my grandpa for christmas and it's way too big to put the TV in the car since i have 2 brothers and 1 sister:P + a dog:)


but now i'm looking over @Amazon and i'm going to order (here's exactly what is in my shopping cart)


- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3)

- Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3)

- The Orange Box (PS3) maybe

- Bioshock (PS3) maybe

- Skate III (PS3) maybe

- Prototype (PS3)

- Spider-Man Web Of Shadow's (PS3) maybe

- Diablo Battle Chest (MAC)

- Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (MAC)

- Batman: Under The Red Hood (Blu-Ray)

- Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (Blu-Ray)

- Wonder Woman (DC Animated Movie) (Blu-Ray)

- Justice League Season1 (Blu-Ray)

- Superman II The Richard Donner Cut (which i heard it's EPIC) (Blu-Ray)


also i already bought some games on the PS3:) (but this was a on the day that i bought the PS3)

- God Of War III (PS3)

- God Of War II & I (PS3)

- Shaun White Snowboarding (PS3)

- Skate I & II (PS3)

- Little Big Planet (PS3)

- Infamous (PS3)

- Mirror's Edge (PS3)


so what are you guy's getting for christmas:)!! oh and i'm going to buy some gifts to my mom and dad=)!!

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Currently interested in:


The Making of the Empire Strikes Back and Walt Disney Imagineers: A Behind the Scenes Look at Making More Magic Real, both books

Toy Story 3 on DVD

Goldeneye 007 and/or Epic Mickey (Wii)

Scrubs Season 8 DVD

Family Guy Season 9 DVD

And any De La Soul and/or XTC albums that I don't have, i.e. the majority of them


It's my birthday on the 22nd of December, so it's more of a combined list.

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Eh, I'm not really even thinking about Christmas this year, I've got too much else going on. Regardless, I wouldn't mind sliding the following down a chimney near me:

Little Big Planet 2

Hangover, Inception, Ocean's 11, Quantum of Solace, or Avatar's Recut on Blu-Ray



Wow, I really am not in the spirit this year.

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My Wants

1. Xbox 360 4GB Slim

2. Black Op s (360)

3. Arkham Asylum (360)

4. Saw I (360)

5. Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

6. Live Headset + Chatpad

7. Clothes


Meh. A short, practical, list. 360, games, accessories, and clothes.

...and then money/giftcards from family gift exchange and Secret Santa.

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I would love a new Ipod Touch since my nano is getting up there in years.


Other things I may ask for:

PS3 Move

Random Blu Rays

Arrested Development Seasons (how I never watched this show before a month ago is beyond me)

Money to take a grad trip


I know I got:

NHL11 for PS3

Iron Man 2 on Blu Ray

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