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Does anyone know of an online database that can be searched for fairs and carnivals by area? Since moving to Phoenix, it is hard getting my flat fix in. I stumbled upon Gilbert Days Carnival this weekend. It was pretty decent for a four day event and had about 15+ flats. Rain and wind denied me of a credit for a Fabbri Kamikaze... However, their Darton Zero G and Wisdom Sizzler were pretty kick ass..

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There should be sites that list all upcoming fair dates for your state. Try checking out official sites of fairs that look promising, and look up carnival companies in your region to see if they list dates as well.


By the way, Butler Amusements is currently my favorite midway provider for the western United States.

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^Yes, I got to the fair for the first time this year. Ray Cammack did have a nice amount of flats. They need a pirate ship and full blown Wave Swinger though (not just a YoYo). Other than that, the line up was great.



Chadster, thanks that was one of the things I was looking for. Thanks again....

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