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TR: Nansha Tianhougong, Guangzhou Zoo and Two Other Parks

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I spent this weekend in Guangdong visiting four parks. On November 20, I visited Nansha Tianhougong, Spaceflight Spectacle and the Guangzhou Zoo. On November 21, I visited Shenzhen Children's Park.


My first park was Nansha Tianhougong. I was mad to discover the powered coaster was closed. I was about to walk out when I decided to walk through the park and see what rides were there. I am happy to report that there are two mouse coasters here. One appears to be a very early Golden Horse spinning coaster...or a Chinese knock-off of a Chinese knock-off. The car I rode in didn't make it back to the station without the help of the ride op. The second mouse was a non-spinning coaster that was very good.


After leaving Nansha, I went up into Guangzhou to visit Spaceflight Spectacle, which is also called Spaceflight Happiness World. There is a spinning coaster here. It is the same Golden Horse spinning mouse that is so popular across China. I rode the coaster and took some photos. This park is very run-down. I am afraid it will close sooner or later. Nanhu in Guangzhou is well-kept compared to Spaceflight Spectacle. Some areas of Spaceflight Spectacle looked like a back alley while other areas looked like a dump.


I went to Guangzhou Zoo later in the afternoon. There are two coasters here. The Forest Flying Mouse is like several other mouse coasters I have ridden. The Mini Train has a train that resembles a Wacky Worm and features a ride that resembles the Cyclone at Coney Island. I took some photos of some of the other rides here too.


On Sunday morning, I went to Shenzhen Children's Park. This park features a powered coaster called Golden Dragon Tackle. The coaster was not open, so I didn't get to ride it. It is same as the powered coasters at Shenzhen's Zhongshan Park and Shenzhen's Donghu Park. There are several other rides here including a log flume and a ferris wheel.


Welcome to Nansha Tianhougong


The Dragon Coaster


The Dragon was closed today


Hopefully I will ride it next time


They have a flume ride here


This is either an early spinning coaster from Golden Horse or a Chinese knock-off of a Chinese knock-off.


There is a non-spinning mouse here


This mouse is excellent


One last look at the mouse


This is Nansha Tianhougong's mascot. It is a cat with very large ears.


Welcome to Space Flight Happiness World AKA Spaceflight Spectacle


Carousel at Spaceflight Spectacle


I walked across this twice


There is a spinning coaster here


Another look at the coaster. These spinning coasters are fun.


Spaceflight has a Tagada


Here is the Forest Flying Mouse at Guangzhou Zoo


I have grown to like this particular type mouse coaster. There are several of them in China.


One more look at the mouse


This is no Wacky Worm


It looks like it is for kids, but it is really a fantastic ride


This coaster should be in every park


There is a flume ride at the Guangzhou Zoo


Moon Cars at Guangzhou Zoo-arguably a coaster as they coast forwards and backwards after the power is turned off at the end of the ride.


Welcome to Shenzhen Children's Park


The Ferris Wheel at SCP


Every park should have a one of these


Here is the Pirate Ship ride at SCP


They have a nice flume at Shenzhen Children's Park


The powered Golden Dragon Tackle


Too bad the Dragon was closed today

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Not only is living in Asia a great way to visit and see these parks, it is also a great way to find parks and coasters that were not on any known coaster census such as Roller Coaster Database. I have found many parks and coasters in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka that were unknown to those who keep a record of which parks and coasters that exist.

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Not only is living in Asia a great way to visit and see these parks, it is also a great way to find parks and coasters that were not on any known coaster census such as Roller Coaster Database. I have found many parks and coasters in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka that were unknown to those who keep a record of which parks and coasters that exist.


Yes, I noticed that two of the parks were not listed at rcdb.com I added Guangzhou Zoo to TPR's Park Index, but didn't added Shenzhen Childen's Park. Just like a Memphis Kiddie Park in the states, we are only adding parks that have a minimum of 5 or 6 rides for adults. Keep on exploring.

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