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Corkscrew Adventures [RCT2]

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Yes T-Bond you can have a season pass and also everyone on TPR can have a season pass.




Well I went back to the park on GRAND OPENING DAY!!!!


Flying Dutchmans Revange was very popular,and the line was full so I didn't ride it.


Also I was surprised that a PTC woodie had a line that was full,but I did ride it and it hurt but in a fun way.


I have a few shots of The Blazing Serpent that I must show.




A little preview of a little somethng that I took in the off season.

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Well I went back to the park in 1997 and they had the drop tower finish and it was called Amazon Plumet,and boy was the line full but it was a fun and suspenseful ride that I ever rode.


Also I ask how fast it went and they said 65mph,and also I ask how tall it was and they said 170ft. and it was 10 feet taller then the look out tower.


I love this shot because the guest that are going in the park can see the thrill that there going to get themselves into.


You can barely see the height driffence between the two towers but Amazon Plumet is taller then the look out tower though which I still find pretty scary.


Last photo of this update.

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