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Corkscrew Adventures [RCT2]

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Well I went back to the park and found the Arrow gone and a Woodie in the Arrows old place but the Woodie was name The Untamed,and also this time I brought Coupon,The Legendary Matt,Dotrobot,and of course me.


I ask the workers to see if we can ride it and they said yes.



There they go into the secret tunnel.


It was are favorite ride of all time.


Last photo of this update.

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I really like the amount of detail you're putting into the park. It just looks...real.


Untamed's pre-lift looks like it's taken too slowly. Maybe you'd want to make the initial drop ten feet instead of five if you have room right before the lift.

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Okay you mean that I need to make the pre-lift higher.


Take my suggestion with a grain of salt.


The way I'd do it would be to raise the station and brake run to 15ft with an initial drop of 10ft, keeping the support structure of the pre-lift intact. But that will take some work.

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Big Update.


Well it been an month and so I felt like cheking on the park. Well I found that the main street was complete and the shops were Little Cesars,Vodoo Treat,Adventure Gear,Coaster Shop,Diamond Dogs,and the best shop in the park I seen is Popeyes.



Also there was an new ride and it is called Banshee Shake and also if you can see there is an restroom to right beside it.


I also found an lookout tower named Adventure Tower.


The park also made an little food area and added on to the little river and in the far right is The Untamed Gift Shop.


The two water tunnels.



An overview of the park also by the way this is the last picture of this update.

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Wow. You've improved greatly. However, adding different roofs would be even better. Also, none of your rides interact with the paths or other rides too much. It would be cool to see a racer or a ride with corkscrews over the midway come from you. Very nice work you've done in short time.

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Imo the first corkscrew after the brakes is way too high off the ground unless you plan on adding more terrain. Also, why are you using the in-game supports in conjunction with the good ones? It just looks very weird. Aside from that, it looks to be a very fun ride.

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Update Time!!!


Well I went back to the park and I seen that The Blazing Serpent was done.



They also added a little cafe and eating area right next to The Blazing Serpent.


They also added an little water fall,but I don't know why.


Also they had a dark ride ride that look fun,but they wouldnt let me ride it.


But at least they showed me a picture of the layout.


Last photo of this update.

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