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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Photo Trip Report


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^^I am going to recommend that you re-read the site's TOS before you continue posting.




Please, stop making obnoxious posts towards our members and moderators.


Sorry Dave about this. This has been a great TR so far!

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The idea of Ferrari World kinda reminds me of the failure that was Six Flags Autoworld... except this one won't be a failure. After all, Autoworld didn't have the world's fastest coaster! Or any coaster, for that matter. It barely had any rides at all! Oh well, I really hope to get out there sometime in the future. Great TR, by the way.

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Oh no! I'm actually there for today, but it has closed. Can't wait to ride the coasters.


They prepared the park for the Grand opening in the evening. From what I saw, this will be a great party and I'm so jealous not to be invited or have any chance to join this party


It seems like they will drive some special guests with many Ferraries from the Yas Marina Hotel over the Yas Marina Circuit to the Park at the other endning of the F1 Track to Ferrari World. The President of the UAE will be there too. Yesterday evening I take a short look into the park while they tested some Video and Audio show for this event. That was great, but can't see much of it from the door I was watching so it has to be better than my impressions are


Sadly I can't post any pictures here, cause I only have my iPhone.


They're showing tomorrow evening in one of the Abu Dhabi TV Channels the complete show, maybe someone can post it on Coastertube and link it here. Would like to see it, but will leave tomorrow evening to Dubai.


EDIT: By the way, a huge thanks to Dubaidave for his clue for the hotel! It's really a great hotel and best located!

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