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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Photo Trip Report


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I am going to split this trip report into two parts. First I will start with Formula Rossa then do a full report of the whole park.

This is the Formula Rossa Bit.


This is the 3rd time I have ridden Rossa and the 1st time as a member of the general public.


As we arrived at the park Rossa was not testing so we did start to panic a little, however, when we entered at 12 we were told it would not be running until 1PM.


After a couple of other rides we got to Rossa about 1.15. We qued around 25 mins in the VIP que line. Strangely the normal que was shorter than VIP.


So, onto the ride itself. I love this coaster it delivers all the way. the launch is amazing. It gets faster and faster and faster still. The acceleration seems to go on forever. It does noticeably slow down on the first hill due to the trims, but, it still gives a great pop of airtime and you still seem to fly over it.


the vast sweeping turns are still taken with enough speed that it feels like you are going very fast indeed. This is accentuated more by the track being close to the ground. After a couple more hills and low sweeping turns its back to the station over a couple of bunny hops, which do give airtime in the middle of the train, and its over.


I love this ride. I have never ridden anything like it in my life. It is Fast, Smooth and has a fair amount of airtime.

Of course I could be biased so I asked the poeple I was with, non coaster enthusiasts, about the ride and the airtime. They thought it was amazing and did have airtime.

I have also spent a lot of time in the station interviewing riders as they come off and not one person has had anything bad to say about this ride.


Heres a few pics


Oh Oh. Not testing



Here We Go


Its looking quiet


the VIP line was longer than the standard line


There it is






off they go


We see you train 2


Nearly there






And Finally. Worlds Fastest Coaster, Through the fountain/.

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Hi Dave!


Thank you for another amazing pictures and the TR. I'm so excited to visit this park in a few days, now I can't wait any longer and every minute feels like hours.


If you're interested to meet for some rides, I will be there on Nov. 30th.


Go on with the TR, I want to see more of the park

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Dont worru there will be plenty more coming soon. I will probably start a new thread for the main report. Just sifting through the hundreds of photos to get them ready.


As for the Googles. You have to wear them in the front row and if you have contact lenses. In all but the front row the wind is fine becasue you have other cars infront od you.



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Nice pictures.


This ride looks amazing, but I can't figure out why parks are building rides that have a launch or tall lift, only to have trims right after it.

In KD's case it was inadvertent, and they seem to be remedying the situation in the off season. In the case of Ferrari World, they wanted the record for speed but didn't want to build a 500 foot hill to bleed off the speed naturally. I'm sure the cost of building something that size would have been astronomical. So they made a regular layout and trimmed the speed off on the first hill, but still left plenty of speed (probably still 100 mph coming down that hill) for the rest of the ride. I mean, they could have not trimmed it and killed everyone that rode it.

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Thanks for this mate...So presumably the ride has plenty of good places to view from inside the park?....That close up shot you got of it coming over the airtime hill is a good one.


Echoing everyone else here, but I'm looking forward to seeing the other stuff too (But hey, who can blame Rossa for getting the limelight). I was pretty surprised to find out that the place has a Spiderman style 4D dark ride, so it'd be interesting to hear some 'spoilers' for that one!

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