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Legoland Malaysia Discussion Thread

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Visitors to Legoland Malaysia travelled around Asia in a day when the theme park opened its doors to guests for the first time.


Among the iconic Lego replicas featured were the Petronas Twin Towers, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad and KL Tower in the Miniland theme area while Asian landmarks included the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat. The buildings in Miniland are recreated on a scale of 1:20 using more than 30 million Lego bricks.


Hundreds of lucky visitors, including members of the media, got a sneak preview when the park opened its doors yesterday. Legoland Malaysia will officially open on Sept 15.


Telekom Malaysia employee Norhayati Mohd Yasin, 50, said Legoland Malaysia is definitely one of a kind. “My four-year-old son was so excited to see the colourful decor and rides,” she said, adding that one drawback was that the park was very hot and lacked shady areas. “Also once you enter the park you can't exit as the ticket is only valid for one-time entry,” she said, adding that the park should provide wrist tags instead.


Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student Zarith Zahrah Mohd Zakaria, 22, said she enjoyed the roller coaster rides at the medieval-themed Lego Kingdom the best. “It is a great place to take pictures,” she said, suggesting that the park provide lockers and look into installing more fans.


The theme park's spokesman said that all the rides except those at the water theme park are open to visitors. “The water theme park will be launched next year and we will also build a Legoland hotel the year after,” she said.


Meanwhile on Merdeka Day, staff of Legoland Malaysia also had an opportunity to enjoy the park's 40 rides, shows and attractions. They also marked the anniversary of the country's independence by raising the Malaysian flag at a replica of Dataran Merdeka.


Legoland Malaysia is the sixth in the world after Denmark, Britain and Germany as well as California and Florida in the United States.

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Seems as though the train at Legoland Malaysia had a VERY minor derailment with no one hurt, which is always good news. However, from the news account they tried everything to keep this picture out of the news, making it a bigger deal than it was. I would guess that this happened during some sort of preview or possibly media days as the park officially opens tomorrow on September 15th.



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my trip review to legoland malaysia at opening day


legoland malaysia entrance,i think it much bigger than other legoland


a day before opening, go for redeem annual pass


no queue


yay...!pass for 1year 3month


driving to legoland 8.30am for opening day! its not far for johor bahru city,around 16km



entrance from parking area



its opening day!! look at the crowd...very promising and alive


another photo..wow,its getting more crowded..love the atmosphere..!



unique performance from legoland marching band! its sunny day and quiet hot,not really good photo,so many people..lol


the moment before its open..flashmob from legoland staff..its funny and fun..visitor enjoy and follow the dancing step,so sporting...



its open.!!




the entrance look from inside. the begining

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Merlin Entertainments Group plans to increase its holdings in Legoland Malaysia to 20 per cent in the next few years. Merlin, the world's second largest visitor attraction operator after Disney, currently holds about 10 per cent stake in the family theme park. Its chief executive officer Nick Varney said under the terms of agreement, Merlin can take up to 20 per cent stake in the park. "In our projection, which will happen over the first few years of the theme park, but as I said, there are a lot of other opportunities coming up with other projects that we are talking with our partners to bring to this region," he told Business Times in an interview at Legoland Malaysia on Saturday.


Legoland Malaysia is owned by Khazanah Malaysia Bhd's unit, Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd (TAR), Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB) and Merlin. The park is operated by Merlin.


Merlin is also developing Legoland Water Park and Legoland Hotel here, which will open in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


The development of Legoland theme park, water park and hotel costs about RM1.6 billion.


Varney is confident that Legoland Malaysia will attract between one and two million visitors a year, just like the existing Legoland parks in Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, California and Florida (the United States).


Like other Legoland parks, Legoland Malaysia is expected to deliver the same revenue growth and visitors number. In Malaysia's case, it will be driven by the booming tourism sector in the southern Malaysia and Singapore, he said.


Varney pointed out that Legoland Malaysia has the best miniland - the themed area that features Asia's best known cities and landmarks in miniatures sizes made of Lego bricks. "It reflects Malaysian and Asian culture and their unique architecture. The architecture in Asia is so stunning and distinctive. Also, it has more animation and lighting and in the evening, it is absolutely spellbinding and fantastic sight," he said.


Meanwhile, Legoland Malaysia general manager Siegfried Boerst said so far, the response to the park has exceeded expectations.


He said the company receives many positive comments from visitors through emails and the touchscreen kiosks at the park. "We received a good mix of local and international visitors," he said.


Random checks by Business Times at the park during the weekend confirmed that as there were families from Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and India, while families from Western countries were also spotted.


Boerst said Legoland Malaysia employs about 1,000 people, of which 99 per cent are locals.


Legoland Malaysia, which was officially launched by the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar on Saturday night, is developed for families with children between the ages of two and 12. The fully interactive park has over 40 rides, shows and attractions.

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our first ride..one of prime attraction of legoland,it look extreme..but its totally fun!..we are the first one to ride it on opening day! yahoo


first drop was perfect,can't describe it on word..


the queue still empty,because we are the earliest person


Next to the Project X is another roller coaster,dragon apprentice, a simple ride,but so much fun,it run for 2 round


detailing at the entrance...impressive,those animatronic dragon teaching his son to fired,very cute!


while adult waiting in line,children can play lego


i will continue our trip


-project x again..it so fun to ride..




dragon apprentice coaster...



next is TECHNIC TWISTER ,its give me headache..lol,i hate spinning ride,



i've waiting this ride for a long time...this is first of it kind in malaysia..

AQUAZONE wave racer



the lego octopus really impress me..so much detail..



queue for aquazone wave race.one of the most popular ride in legoland malaysia,no wonder the queue so long


the submarine with project x coaster at the back


street festival on opening day


kids look having fun!....i wish i can play like that..the heat is buring me..




the forestman hideout

a paradise for kids,especially who love adventures...



in front of us is my favorite ride.!

THE DRAGON-adult version of dragon apprentice,both coaster are on my left and right


its combination of dark ride and coaster..


next to it a cafe Knight's feast,and the price..cheap and affordable

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Nice trip report! My home park is Legoland California and it is interesting to see what some of the rides at my home park would look if it was built today. I hope LLM will have shade in a few years as one of the nicest things about LLC is the great amount of shade.

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Legoland Malaysia will restrict the number of entries to Asia's first Legoland Park when the need arises during peak periods to ensure all guests enjoy a quality experience at the park.


In a statement, Legoland said the park has been enjoying a successful opening since Sept 15, 2012. "We are grateful for the tremendous public support and this has contributed to a very busy period especially during holidays. On Saturday, due to the high traffic we temporarily limited the number of new entries from 12pm to 2pm," it said. It said although Legoland has a large capacity, it remains a priority that everyone at the Park can fully appreciate the unique and interactive LEGOLAND experience.


"We value all our guests and the quality of their experience at the Park is important to us. As we are fully committed to ensuring our guests have an enjoyable time with their families and friends we might implement this measure from time to time on a per need basis," it said.


Legoland said school holidays and weekends are the busiest times for LEGOLAND Parks worldwide.


"We would like to remind guests that arriving early during this time is the best way to enjoy the full day of family fun that LEGOLAND Malaysia has to offer," the statement said.


Guests are also encouraged to visit on week days. The Park is open until 8pm every day during December.


For Annual Pass holders, Legoland said it would strongly recommend guests to come during off-peak days and hours to maximise their time at the Park. Most pass holders at the other Parks usually avoid the busiest times/days knowing that they can come on any day of the year.


Visitors who have pre-purchased day tickets either online or via tour packages will be admitted to the Park. Legoland encourages guests facing any difficulties with their entry to approach staff at the counter for further information or assistance.


To assist guests in planning their visits, LEGOLAND also provides information on its website (http://www.legoland.my) and Facebook page. The same channels were used to give advance notice on Saturday.


Legoland Malaysia offers more than 40 rides, shows and attractions.

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here you go..the castle



lego princess just wake from sleep


cute bear- part of detailing


love the landscape..look soo calm



another swing ride..merlin challenge



want to help me built my hut?



i bet this is favourite ride for kids!..let ride the horse..(for kids only)



welcome to imagination...land



kids power tower..? but i see adult...lol


nice theme

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wet theme,with cool music as background



Land Of Adventure...



dino island log flume


pharaoh revenge


signboard to lego city






the street @ lego city


rescue academy




let the race begin!!


largest food court in legoland


railway station

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back to beginning


the bricks


the cafe


chef waiting outside the cafe



lego big shop


tourist outside lego big shop


fashoin display, girls sure gonna love it!



lets just go grab some food outside legoland,and walking around






street outside legoland towards medini lifestyle mall


medini lifestyle mall


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Kuala lumpur city

-Kuala Lumpur railway Station


-Jamek mosque


-monorail station


-Abdul Samad Building


-Market square


-pudu area


-Suria KLCC Mall


-Petronas Twin Tower


-BSN tower







City view


Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque


Tanjung Pelepas

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