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IAAPA 2010 Trade Show Orlando Coverage! Photo & Video Update


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You've had an a productive first day at IAAPA to say the least!


It's great that TPR can be there to show us all of the innovations that are coming in the theme park industry. Not to mention that we will be seeing Robb and Elissa riding these new coaster designs in the near future.


The upcoming future of theme park coaster design looks amazing!

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How come all the big, long, kick-ass wooden roller coasters are being built in China. First time I am actually jealous of Chinese people. The Voyage may loose its crown for being the best wooden roller coaster in the world. Wish I could afford to go on the China trip.

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The first TPR IAAPA video is here!


This video includes:

- Rocky Mountain Coasters discussion the Texas Giant

- Martin & Vleminckx discussing the Zippin Pippin, High Five, and wait for it...a LAUNCHED WOODEN SHUTTLE!

- Some new technology from Maurer Rides

- Behind Closed Doors demo from Sally Corp








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Great job on the updates, Robb, Elissa, and Eric--you really kept yesterday interesting. I'm looking forward to checking out the video at home tonight.

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I'm coming to the party a day late but here goes.


Did anyone else notice the Pepsi Wheel that was slated for Xandu (Meadowlands) back on page 7 on Premier's booth?


Weren't there rumblings not too long ago that the mall project was back on track? If so, any chance of that Wheel still being built?

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Looks like IAAPA is off to a great start. I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) that I get the chance to go visit on Thursday. Being right down the street, but not being able to go to IAAPA really does suck. Thanks for all the great coverage and keep it coming.


I know this is pertaining to the other thread but has Baker Leisure put up anythign in thier booth about Orlando Thrill Park?

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WOW! The new Sally concept looks AMAZING! I want one!!


Also found interesting that they are planning to send trains down the revamped Giant in about a month, by my uneducated calculations that could possibly be immeditaley after the park closes for their two month hiatus, maybe, just maybe, they will have the cars on track the final weekend...

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Day 2 of IAAPA 2010 updates begins now!


Update #1 - 11:30 P.M. - LO-Q, Chance Morgan, Spiderman, and LOTS more!



Need any reading material? There is plenty at IAAPA!



Let's take a look at new hotness in virtual queuing!



Lo-Q, makers of Q-Bot and Qtxt have an awesome new product...



Qcredits is a new "credit system" and virtual queue device designed for water parks! Not only will this bad boy help you skip queues, but it doubles as a cashless system to purchase items in the park!



And it makes even the creepiest of website owners look DEAD SEXY!!!


Jay aka Hercules shows off National Ticket Co.



The price is WRONG...bitch!



ARM didn't have too much on display...



...while Rides 4 U had a crazy awesome display that gave you epilepsy just walking by!


If you need a Scrambler, see these people!



Fabbri didn't have many rides on display, but they were showing off some transportation systems.



Chance Morgan had a car from the crazy awesome Brain Surge.



DO NOT BE FOOLED by the tame look of this kiddie drop tower! It raped me of my virginity all over again! Wait until you see the video!



Spiderman doesn't like Churros, but he loves Chicken & Rice!

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